What is the difference between a Smartphone and a Tablet?

Do you want to know what is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet? Yes! Read here to know the full compariosn.

What is the difference between a Smartphone and a Tablet?
What is the difference between a Smartphone and a Tablet?

Are you pondering over what is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet? Yes! You’re in the right place. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet. According to a report, In 2022, the number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.648 Billion. This means 83.89% of the world's population owns a smartphone. In today's world, a smartphone is an essential part of every person's lifestyle. Today, mobiles and tablets are among the most popular gadgets. Though tablets and smartphones look pretty much the same, there are still significant differences between them. In this article, we have discussed what is the difference between tablet and smartphone. The computer is an electronic device that helps us in every way possible. It can complete any type of task that we can think of it. Initially, it used to be large, now it is getting portable and compact.  Now we can carry it in our hands or pockets without any difficulty. A tablet or a smartphone is a small computer designed to perform specific tasks and make our lives easier.

What is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet?

First, what is a smartphone?

A smartphone is a portable telephone with some of the features of a computer and other devices, such as a camera, radio, etc. Smartphones are carried easily. It is carried even in a pocket because of its screen size. It comes in 4 to 6.5 inches. Anyone can use mobile phones which are user-friendly devices. It can use only one hand. A smartphone has tons of features like calling, camera, video gaming, video streaming, listening to music, etc. It can perform most of the features that a computer does. 

What is a tablet? 

Basically, the tablet computer is a portable computer and laptop. It was released to make a computer that anyone could easily carry. However, Its size is about between a laptop and a smartphone. Basically, it comes in 7 inches to 13 inches. It is easily carried by the user and placed anywhere and start using it. The user base prominently comprises educational centers and office use. Its large screen allows users to easily interact. The buyer can see videos and also use them for playing video games on the big display. Initially, in early times tablets did not come with a dedicated sim card option. However, now it comes with wifi and 4g cellular network connectivity.

Smartphones are personal, tablets may not be

Many people use the terms smartphone and tablet interchangeably. They search “what is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet”. However, a smartphone is considered a subset of a tablet device because it has all the features of a smartphone with the capability to add apps to enhance its functions. A smartphone is also known as a cell phone or cellphone. While a tablet can be referred to as either a mobile computer or handheld computer. When possessing certain features plus additional features that add capabilities beyond those equipped on smartphones. The smartphone's capabilities may give way to being called just "a smartphone,". But when compared with other small computing devices such as laptops and notebooks. The smartphone would better fit what we have come to refer to as a "phablet." 

Smartphone vs tablet

In the era of the internet, users are often confuse in what is the difference between smartphone and tablet. The main difference between a smartphone and a tablet is that the former has the capabilities of sending SMS text messages, while the latter can function without cellular connectivity. (what is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet) This means that one cannot send or receive any form of text message on a tablet unless it's connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. However, smartphones with 3G technology are able to still send and receive texts via SMS messaging when they are out of range from their carriers' towers. A phone without these features requires an internet connection in order to communicate with other devices outside of its own Wi-Fi network. While modern tablets may come equipped with 3G technology, most people opt for iPads that lack this feature in order to save money. They are able to connect using only Wi-Fi, thus enabling them to communicate with others while away from cell towers.

What can a tablet do that my phone can t?

Tablet devices' primary function is for entertainment purposes. While smartphones are more versatile devices that can use for work, play, and some types of personal communication. Smartphones are relatively larger in size than tablets due to the fact they contain faster processors, bigger screens, and more advanced sensors which allow users to make video calls on them.

  • A tablet is easy to hold in one hand because it's not as wide as a laptop
  • It typically fits in your backpack or briefcase and travels easily from room to room which makes it great for catching up with friends online while watching TV together.
  • Plus, many tablets can use apps that allow you to do more things like play games, check your bank account, and update Facebook while you're out and about. There are two types of tablets: traditional and detachable (also known as 2-in-1).

Most people use their tablets on a daily basis for social media updates, news reading, reading ebooks, or playing games. While their smartphone is usually carrying around for making phone calls. Similarly, messaging friends on various social networking sites via programs like Whatsapp Messenger or a Facebook chat messenger.

Following are things that will come to your mind while you think what is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet.

  • Firstly, In terms of size, Tablets are comparatively larger than Smartphones. On the other hand, Smartphones are smaller and easier to carry around.
  • Secondly, Tablets are tiny versions of laptops. However, smartphones come with additional features in comparison to tablets.
  • Third, tablets can carry in bags, hand purses, or hands. Whereas a smartphone can be easily fit into a pocket.
  • Fourth, Tablets are primarily use for content or media consumption. However, smartphones are mainly used as cellular phone for voice calls.
  • Fifth, people use tablets for a variety of purposes within organizations and educational institutes, including teaching and documenting. Smartphones, on the other hand, are for personal use and cannot share with anyone else.


There are many electronic devices around us. These devices make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Tablets and smartphones are electronic devices that have become an integral part of our lives very quickly. Despite their similar appearances and many similar functions. Both devices perform different tasks in certain situations. Read also: 5 Best Reasons to Buy HP 5610 Printer