Make Your Old TV into a Smart TV with TV WIFI Adapter

TV WIFI adapter is a pocket-size device that can change your old TV into a smart TV with ease. Here are the 3 best Wi-Fi tv adapters.

Make Your Old TV into a Smart TV with TV WIFI Adapter
Make Your Old TV into a Smart TV with TV WIFI Adapter

Smart TVs have made their way to an honorable position in very few years. It is really fascinating to see how our technological growth is at its peak. Every year a new device comes up in front of us with its head high. Well, smart TVs are one of those very integral inventions that changed the normal way we used to watch TV. This article is about a tv wifi adapter. A smart TV can give you full access to advance technology that will lead you to many advancements. Like access to many OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney plus, and Amazon Prime. Through a smart TV, you can also use a variety of apps and you can also browse the internet for anything you want. Each & everything will be available on your smart TV.  But one fact is not everyone can afford a smart TV for his or her home. So what you can do? What if I say there is a way you can certainly change your old TV into a smart one without even exchanging it or buying a new smart TV. What you need is just a small device that will even fit in the pocket of your jeans. It is a wifi dongle. A TV wifi adapter.  This article is fully dedicated to this one in thousands of inventions in the electronics industry. So keep reading with me and you will get the knowledge of TV wifi adapters. 

What is a TV wifi adapter?

TV WIFI adapter is a pocket-size device that can change your old TV into a smart TV with ease. This is one of those few inventions that really has shorted a huge problem by becoming a bridge between future and past technology.  TV WIFI adapter has a size similar to the flash drive. Although it comes in many shapes & sizes with a long catalog of designs. To make it work and turn your TV into a smart TV, you need to plug it into the USB port of your TV. This device allows your old TV to access the internet and do surfing through all your favorite websites.

How does a TV wifi adapter work?

The TV WIFI adapter is not only compatible in size but using it is also very easy. One thing that you will certainly need is a TV with a USB or HDMI port. A flat LCD or LED TV would be a perfect choice for it. Buy a TV WIFI adapter, plug it into your TV’s USB port, and with a few steps and bingo! Everything is done and you are having a smart TV at your home.  After installing the WIFI to the TV, you can easily stream whatever you want. You have access to the internet, you can easily roam around the millions of websites all over the internet including OTT services. 

Benefits that you will get

WIFI dongle for TVs is a small size device that can turn your old LCD or LED TV into a smart TV. All it needs is a USB port. Now a TV WIFI adapter not only does this but it has many other features too that does multiply our comfort and ease with day to day life. 

  • This device is very easy to use. It is simple and perfect for even those who are not so much knowledgeable in technology. 
  • A WIFI adapter for a TV comes in the range of $ 20 -$ 40. This is not too much for you will get. This is affordable and you can easily use it for years.
  • While a smart TV cannot be moved very easily and you will have to compromise with circumstances; a WIFI dongle for television can give you the opportunity to turn any TV into a smart one. 
  • A TV WIFI adapter is a very compact device hence if you are a person who travels very often, this will provide the best for you. 
  • This one device, TV WIFI adapter is enough for all your needs regarding to a smart TV. A small device with so much efficiency gives you a very convenient way of luxury. 

3 best wifi dongles for TV: 

1. Laiba wireless USB wifi dongle:

Wireless Laiba wireless USB is a great choice for 2021. This dongle is no doubt affordable and is very convenient to use. This wireless N USB adapter allows you to connect a TV and make E-learning, and business meetings very easy and comfortable to join. This device is efficient in its work and gives you a simple and amazing experience of using a TV.  This device is compatible with IOS, Android devices with android 4.4 and above, MAC OS * 10.9+, and IOS 8.0+.

2. Yogine Screen Mirroring wifi Dongle for TV:

This WIFI device is really cool in its design. This device has dimensions of 6.8 x 3.9 x 1.3 centimeters. Using it is so easy for everyone. You don’t need to install any app or drives. Just plus, connect and mirror on a large screen, and voila! Everything is ready to be used.  This device supports Android version 5.0 and above. It supports Miracast, DLNA protocol, supports IOS 9.0 and above, and the Macbook series.  You can share PPT, be a participant in your office meetings or if you are a teacher, you can work with a large group of students with this device very easily.

3. Ephemeral wireless display dongle

A device with a WIFI dongle speed of 802.11b/g/n2.4GHz gives you a great experience of using a TV. This WIFI dongle gives you the speed of 150 Mbps and its antenna is able to provide 10M WIFI signal coverage.  Whatever you do on your phone; you can watch it on a big screen with everything great. This product has a dimension of 20.32 x 10.16 x 0.51 centimeters and weighs approx. 300 grams.  Setup the dongle for your device with the hotspot and now your TV is ready to perform as a smart TV.


This was all about the Wi-Fi TV adapter. I hope with help of this article, you would have come to know a lot of information about the topic. Read more: Pixel Connection- Best Camera and Accessories Store