Turtle beach px4 review: Enjoy the audio with turtlebeach px4

The turtle beach px4 review itself gives a lot of valuable information. The main highlight of the headphone is their sound quality.

Turtle beach px4 review: Enjoy the audio with turtlebeach px4
turtle beach px4 review

Nowadays headsets have become one of the essential things to a person. Everybody is now very much fond of video games. The present situation makes people sit at home. Everyone kills their dullness by watching series and playing games. So here comes the importance of headphones. Sound plays an important role in these aspects. Presently there are many headphones available in the market. But most of the time people go for comfortable ones. If you are looking for comfortable and smart headphones then ear force px4 is the best option. The turtle beach px4 review itself gives a lot of valuable information to the people. The main highlight of the headphone is their sound quality. Once you start to use this headphone you won't be feeling like replace this.

The ear force px4 review

  • The best part of the headset is that it works with both PC and MAC.
  • The quality of the sound is another highlight of the turtle beach px4 review.
  • The headset comes with a wireless transmitter which enables the user to connect through both optical and USB cables
  • Once you connect your headphone then switch to optical audio output then enable 7.1 surrounds.
  • You will get connect when you push the pair button on both your headset and wireless station.
  • The turtle beach ear force px4 review says that it is outstanding and comfortable to use.
  • Another benefit of the headset is its lightweight characteristic. This feature enables the user to handle it with great ease.
  • A wide and well-padded headband makes it more unique. This feature will help you to prevent it from digging into your skull if you are using it for a long time.
  • The transparency of the sound is unbelievable The turtle beach px4 review says that the battery life is also good.
  • You can simply use it for ten hours with three hours of charging.

Advantages of the turtle beach ear force px4 wireless

One of the main advantages of the headset is its compatibility. It works with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and mobile devices too. The peculiar feature of this headset will enable you to hear every sound in the game with three-sixty degree accuracy. You can adjust the angle of each speaker inside the headset to tune the surround audio. The turtle beach px4 review says that it uses dual-band Wi-Fi technology. This provides a non-static and intrusion-free connection to the users. You can also answer the calls without interrupting the game by using Bluetooth. The headphone increases its volume automatically as the game sound increases. So when there are explosions in the match your teammates can know them. The charge of the headphone also longs up to more than fifteen hours. Another advantage is that the headphone has thick- padded and adjustable headbands. The ear cushions are extremely breathable. The turtle beach px4 review also reveals that the customers can experience customizable audio.

The main features of the px4 headset review

  • Firstly the headphone is completely wireless. This makes you move freely while watching your favorite show.
  • The users can also go for voice chatting while gaming.
  • Another advantage of the turtle beach px4 review is that users can connect the headphone through Bluetooth. This distinct feature makes it more unique
  • An adapter is also along with it to connect them to your entertainment comfort of choice.
  • The headphone got multiple uses that are you can use the headphone both as a high-quality audio environment as well as a mobile headphone.
  • It is weightless. The product weighs only eleven ounces so that it is very easy to carry and to use.
  • As it is weightless it is so comfortable to use and you won’t be feeling pain even if you use it for hours.
  • Moreover, you can also connect the headphone at the same time on two different devices.
  • However, in comparison to other headsets, the turtle beach px4 review gives a piece of information that there are multiple buttons for its function
  • For adjusting the volume levels there two wheels whereas seven additional buttons are there for other functions.
  • The price of the product is also really fair so that everyone can afford it.
  • The model of the headphone is full-size over-ear and helps for both performances and comfort.

Setting up of the headphone

 First of all, make sure to charge your headphone. If the power is low then it will be difficult to pair. The headset and transmitter should be two to three feet apart. If they are on the right top of one another then they won't run properly.

 Steps to connect the headphone

  • Firstly you have to disconnect the transmitter from the USB port on the console. Then plug the transmitter
  • Now the LED on the transmitter will begin gradually blinking and will turn off.
  • If the LED is blinking more than 2 times per second then you have to start from step one since the button was held for too much time.
  • Next, you have to compress and hold the power button for six to eight seconds. You have to press until you hear a set of two beep sounds.
  • When you hear the two beeps then the headset will be on
  • The Bluetooth will be on when you hear three beeps
  • The pairing of the headset will be done once you hear the second set of two beeps.
  • Finally, you have to wait for ten to fifteen seconds then you can see the LED on the transmitter turns solid. Now the blinking of the LED on the headset will be once per second.


The turtle beach px4 review shows that the headphone is the complete package. The price of the product is also reasonable comparing to its benefits. So go and grab your headphones and enjoy your days watching movies and playing games with good audio. Read More: How to change country on Spotify in simple steps