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tivo roamio plus

Are you planning to buy TiVo Roamio plus lately? Yes! You have come to the right place. Everyone loves a source of uninterrupted entertainment on the go, anytime, and anywhere. But, earlier this wasn’t possible due to technological limitations. But, the TiVo roamio plus has made this all a lot more feasible. Now, you can download or record TV shows or movies. Further, watch the recorded show anytime and anywhere on your tivo roamio plus vs edge iPhone or iPad or simply in your house.

This gadget is a lot more powerful than an ordinary DVD. If you aren’t aware of this cool gadget or haven’t thought of buying it yet. Here are the details that you need to know about it right now. To help you persuade. 

TiVo Roamio plus specs


  • Record up to six HD shows without a moment’s delay
  • Up to 150 HD/1,000 SD long stretches of recording capacity2 (1 TB)


  • TiVo Search all the while looking- Television and amusement applications together
  • Suggestions assist you with finding new shows dependent on what you like


  • Stream TV and recorded shows to your iPad® or iPhone® and watch around the house5
  • Download recorded shows to your iPad or then again iPhone and take them with you5
  • Coming Soon: Stream TV or recorded shows on your iPad or iPhone over WiFi6


  • Compatible with most link frameworks, visit tivo.com/link (Cable CARD required)
  • XFINITY on Demand is accessible to Comcast supporters in select business sectors, visit tivo.com/xfinity


  • Connects to TiVo Mini and other DVRs for multi-room streaming


  • Convenient RF and IR distant
  • Remote Finder highlight
  • TiVo application accessible for tablets and cell phones
  • (iOS and Android™)
  • Built-in MoCA® connect for simple establishment

What You Need to Get Started

  • Subscription to the TiVo service4 through broadband association
  • Cable TV administration, Verizon FiOS® (doesn’t support satellite, AT&T U-verse® or radio wire)
  • One Multistream Cable CARD decoder from your link organization

Pros of TiVo Roamio Plus

  • Firstly, supports streaming and downloading to Android and iOS gadgets.
  • Secondly, incorporated Wi-Fi and MoCA.
  • Thirdly, six tuners.
  • Fourthly, 150-hour HD recording limit.
  • Finally, online substances from Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and YouTube.

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Cons of TiVo Roamio plus

  • Firstly, the computerized link just (requires Cable Card).
  • Secondly, requires a paid membership.
  • Thirdly, TiVo roamio plus antenna
  • Fourthly, out-of-home spilling on iOS requires Wi-Fi.
  • Finally, no help for HBO GO or Watch ESPN.

TiVo Roamio plus vs edge: an overview

1. TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR – With No Monthly Service Fees – Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player

  • Viable just with HDTV Antennas. Doesn’t work with a link or satellite TV. No month-to-month TiVo administration charge.
  • Record four shows immediately and as long as 150 hours of HD programming. Delay, rewind, and record-free HD.


  • Firstly, doesn’t need a membership
  • Secondly, smooth video and sound quality
  • Thirdly, incredible suggestions for administrations
  • Finally, incredible pursuit highlights


  • Firstly, has a hopeless setup
  • Secondly, the gadget is cumbersome
  • Thirdly, doesn’t work with a link or satellite TV

2. TiVo Edge for Cable | Cable TV, DVR, and Streaming 4K UHD Media Player with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos

  • Amplify your TV potential! TiVo EDGE for link brings all your satellite TV stations, chronicles, and top.
  • However incredible inside as it seems to be smoothed out and smooth outwardly. Timetable and record up to 6 link shows.


  • Firstly, the level plan empowers a calmer processor
  • Secondly, has a lot of streaming alternatives
  • Thirdly, the setup is basic
  • Finally, has a roust voice far off


  • Firstly, by and large costly to keep up
  • Secondly, streaming applications restrict in contrast with other DVRs
  • Thirdly, the mirror finish on the DVR can cause light glares

TiVo roamio plus vs edge: Final verdict 

TiVo edge takes success in this correlation. Albeit the TiVo Roamio restricts to over-the-air content, it is a strong DVR with great video and sound web-based features. In any case, the TiVo edge is a greatly improved DVR, enabling clients to observe more than over-the-air content. With the edge, you can stream shows from a site like Netflix and Hulu and access a huge load of highlights on the DVR.

TiVo Roamio plus manual: a step-by-step guide 

1. Enact the TiVo administration. The TiVo administration is the thing that makes your TiVo box savvy. It incorporates all that from your show postings to Skip Mode and One Pass look. When you haven’t yet initiated your TiVo administration. Visittivo.com/activate or call 1-877-367-8486.TiVo assistance is required. No usefulness addresses or ought not out of the ordinary without a paid subscription to the TiVo service.

2. Interface your TiVo box. Utilize the establishment direct that accompanied your TiVo box to interface the case to your TV programming source, your home organization, and your television.

3. Complete Guided Setup. After associating your TiVo box. Follow the means in on-screen Guided Setup. This configures the TiVo box for your home. Also, guarantees you have the most recent item updates.

4. Take a visit! Whenever you’re finished with Guided Setup. The Quick visits in this guide will acquaint you with the great things you can do with your TiVo box.

5. Visit tivo.com/how for the most recent data. Again, on the best way to utilize the highlights of your TiVo box (counting new features as they become accessible), visit tivo.com/how.

6. Find out about availability highlights. Your TiVo box furnishes with assistive advancements for the outward and hearing-impeded. Learn more in Quick visit – Accessibility Features, or by visiting tivo.com/availability.

  • TiVo Roamio plus hard drive replacement

Fundamentally, you disengage everything from the Roamio. Then, at that point, everything you do is pop the top case off. you need to unscrew the old drive. afterward, take it out. Next, move its sections to the new drive. Further, screw the new drive-section get together once again into the Roamio. Finally, pop the case back on. Simple peasy. Also, the tivo roamio plus hard drive upgrade is feasible with this model.

Summing up

This is all about TiVo Roamio, your cordless DVD solution to watch or download your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

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