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tinder notification sound

Are you not getting a tinder notification sound lately? Yes! You have come to the right place. Tinder is a unique dating application. Several people have got their perfect matches from this application only. But, imagine a situation when you get a like but, you cannot respond back.

Or you get a message for your decided date, but, you cannot receive a notification informing you of the same. Or you get a super like and again you are not able to respond on time. All this is because of the problem of the notification sound not working properly on tinder.

This could be really frustrating and disappointing. So, if you are facing such notification issues on tinder, stress not! We have the right solution to troubleshoot the notification issue right away. So, finally, you could meet your perfect match.

What is the tinder notification sound like?

Tinder is a popular dating application. It works on the likes, messages, chats, and super likes concepts. The users get a notification whenever someone likes them. Even the notifications are sent for any fixed match or date. But, from time to time something or the other bugs are creating things quite difficult for users. One such problem is the tinder notification sound. This could be very frustrating and demoralizing. Imagine you are expecting a like back from someone special.

Or you have a planned date with someone special. All this is reminded to you through the notification sounds. But, in the end, the notification sound isn’t working properly. So, whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, stress not! We have covered you with the step-by-step guide. This will curate this problem of not getting tinder notifications in no seconds.

What to do when the tinder notification sound is not working?

Even the tinder official has confirmed applications face bugs regularly. So, every problem is solved by the officials but, it takes time and tests your patience. Thus, while you wait for a qualified solution to your problem, try doing this instead. You might be using different platforms for the usage of the tinder application.

This further includes web browsers, and iOS, or Android phones. All you need to do is to follow these simple step-by-step techniques. Further, to disable and then re-enable the notification in the settings of these platforms.

  • For web browsers

This is for those who are using any web browser to operate tinder. Simply open your browser. Go to the settings to disable notifications for tinder. The next step is to again re-enable the notification for tinder in the settings. Thus, this easy technique works for almost all web browsers. Though a few variations may be there. But, overall it remains the same.

  • For iOS users

Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone, stress not. We have the right solution for you as well. The first and foremost is to open the settings on your device. Afterward, click on the notifications and then select tinder there. The next step is to first disable the settings and then again enable the notification for tinder on your device. This way tinder message notifications will enable on your device.

  • For an Android user

Are tinder notifications not working on android? Stress not! Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get the tinder notification sound working again. Firstly, open the device settings and then select the notifications.

Afterward, select the application tinder and then disable the notification for tinder. Finally, again you need to enable the notification for tinder. Thus, this was all about the tips to troubleshoot the notification sound problem on tinder.

Other Fixes for tinder notification sound

Here are some broad tips for further developing Tinder execution, including warnings. Some of them may sound senseless. However, in all honesty, they work.

  • Update Tinder: You ought to consistently utilize the most recent form of any application to make its presentation on par with conceivable. The equivalent applies to Tinder. They carry out fixes for these issues consistently, so an update may be all you need. Additionally, keep your gadget’s framework refreshed to keep it new and quick. This way tinder notification sound will enable on your device.
  • Power Close Tinder: When Tinder is getting rowdy with notices, attempt to drive close the application, and open it again. Either check your running applications and close them from that point. Or tap on the Tinder symbol, and hold it. Afterward, select Force Stop. Start Tinder again and your concern may disappear.
  • Reinstall Tinder: Tinder continues to carry on, you can undoubtedly uninstall it from a similar window referenced in the last section. The uninstall alternative is directly close to the Force Stop choice. Then, at that point go to the authority Tinder Google Play Store or App Store page. And download it from that point. Introduce it without any preparation and check whether you actually have warning issues. This will enable tinder push notifications.

Some more Fixes for the tinder notification sound

  • Restart Your Smartphone: Now and again all you need to fix your Tinder issues is to restart your gadget. Simply turn your gadget off and afterward walk out on it. This should fix an impermanent bug with Tinder if that was the reason for it making trouble.
  • Check Your Connection: Warnings probably won’t appear if your association isn’t steady. Check whether your telephone associates with Wi-Fi consistently. When it isn’t, check your switch. If your web went out, have a go at utilizing your cell information. This can fix the issue regardless of whether your Wi-Fi is working.

This guide works the opposite way around too. You need to take a stab at changing from portable information to Wi-Fi. When none of that worked, maybe have a go at utilizing a VPN administration. This implies Virtual Private Network. It is useful for private perusing. As it scrambles your information and further develops your insignificance on the web.


This was all about the guide to getting the tinder notification sound back in working condition. Thus, you will never miss any tinder match notification. So, what are you waiting for? Enable the notification following the above-mentioned step-by-step guide. Finally, meet the perfect match on tinder.

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