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Thermal Paste

If you are trying to fix your CPU; one thing you must need is Thermal Paste. And if you are new to this mechanic work and don’t know about thermal paste. Here is your friend for your help. So let’s go.

Thermal Paste- A bridge material:

Thermal Paste is a silver-grey material that helps to cool down the whole system. It is basically grease made up of silicon. It creates an interface that creates a bridge between the processor and the heat sink that does not dry easily. This silicon paste has high heat conductivity but high electric resistivity.

You need to apply this to the processor and heat sink. This connection helps the heat sink to keep the heat out of your system. We use this material because air only is not sufficient to carry the heat out. In that case, thermal paste is a great conductor and that’s the key. Thermal paste allows for an efficient transfer of heat from the IHS of the processor to the base plate or water block of the CPU. It is also called ‘Heat Sink Gel’ or ‘Heat Sink Paste’.

Composition of Thermal Paste:

Thermal paste or thermal heat grease is made up of several heat-conducting but electrically insulating materials. Generally, it has a high amount of silicon and epoxies, urethanes and acrylates which are solvent-based systems. It is highly resistant to temperature. Generally, it can hold up to 200 c.

There are many thermal pastes that consist of metallic elements in their composition. It can be sensitive for the system as a little mistake can bring the whole system down due to the electrical conductivity of the thermal paste. Thermal paste generally lasts for almost 3-5 years.

Applications of Thermal Paste: 

Thermal Heat Gel helps to prevent heat increment in the system. Heat prevention helps to keep the system’s life long and healthy. If there is no thermal paste between the heat-generating processor and the heat sink; the internal circuit of the system will face high temperatures and will melt. This will create short-circuit and complete failure.

This is the main reason why we must use thermal paste. Thermal paste is highly used in computer systems. It helps to build up a bridge between the heat sink and processor to control the heat. Other than CPU, thermal heat grease is used in many other appliances:

  1. Power battery pack
  2. Vehicle navigator
  3. Camera equipment.
  4. Mobile and communication equipment.
  5. High-end industrial control and medical electronics.

In smaller equipment like laptop instead of grease in paste, we use thermal heat gel pads which does the same work.

Where to buy Thermal Paste: 

Thermal paste is easily available in the market. But the best place where you can buy it is Walmart. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation. Walmart is an authentic corporation that has its roots in America. It is a chain retail store for almost all types of products. It provides people with a lot of varieties of product ranges. You can easily go to one of these stores and can buy thermal paste.

Thermal Paste comes in a very wide range. At the same time, the department in which thermal Paste comes from has a large number of different companies that supply the product.  Thermal mart also provides online availability of thermal paste. You can find the thermal paste aisle in your browser. You just need to visit Walmart’s official website.

Types of CPU Thermal Paste:

Thermal Heat gel or thermal paste is categorized into various types. This categorization depends on their composition, viscosity, cooling capacities, and thermal conductivity.  An ideal thermal paste is one that has high thermal conductivity but low electrical conductivity. You may need to see about the metallic components when you buy a thermal paste.

A thermal paste having metallic characteristics can be a threat to your system. Thermal paste Walmart’s prices lie within $10-$30.  Here is some thermal paste that is easily available at Thermal Paste.

Thermal paste grizzly kryonaut thermal grease paste:

This grease-type thermal paste can be the answer to all your queries. With its high heat conductivity and high temp resistivity, it has proved itself best in the market. The thermal conductivity of this thermal paste is 12.5 W/mk which is very high for any grease-based compound. It can sustain high temperatures and will not dry out due to its special structure.

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano Thermal Paste:

This gel-type Nano Thermal Paste is one of the best thermal pastes among thermal paste. It provides near to maximum heat conductivity in the system. The heat conductivity rate of this thermal paste is 11 W/mk. The Nanoparticles contain diamonds in Nano form which helps this thermal paste to be in a liquid state from -50 to 150 degrees. This is very affordable too.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste:

There was a time when Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste was the best thermal paste. This thermal paste contains 99.9% pure silver. Its thermal conductivity is 8.7 W/mk. It cost you only 6 bucks.

Collaborator Liquid Ultra Thermal compound:  

If you have tried many thermal greases then you can try something different. You should move on to liquid metal thermal compounds. The liquid metal thermal compound does the same work as the thermal paste but with very high efficiency. The thermal conductivity of this liquid compound is 38.4 W/mk. But you must be very careful as this liquid metal compound can destroy your whole system with one mistake. It must not be used with aluminum.

CORSAIR XTM50 performance Thermal Paste:

CORSAIR is a manufacturing company which makes all kinds of computer appliances. XTM50 is a zinc-based thermal compound. Its viscosity is very low. The thermal rating of this thermal paste is 5W/mK.

Antec Formula X Thermal Paste: 

Antec formula is a great thermal heat grease. It has really very high thermal conductivity which is 11 W/mk. But the major quality is its temperature resistance. It can hold its form from -50 to 240 degrees. This product comes at an affordable price and with the equipment to use it properly.

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