What's inside in a Spaceship Interior: Ever thought?

Spaceship interior design is a very important topic but many people do not know it. This article will clear your all doubts on this tpic.

What's inside in a Spaceship Interior: Ever thought?
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The year 1942, Germany launched its first rocket which could fly high enough to get into space. The history of space travel started like this. And today we are trying to colonize Mars. Spaceship interior design is a very important topic but many people do not know it. It will be better to say that people don’t have enough knowledge about long space journeys and the problems that astronauts face. Everyone knows that Scientist and entrepreneur Mr. Elon Musk is trying to make Mars our 2nd home planet. He is trying to start a water cycle for the planet so it can generate and hold life. But we always miss out on one point. How are we going to live within a spaceship for years and years? Today one of the biggest questions of space journey is how should be the interior spaceship so that all the people who are in that ship can travel for years and years and be safe & healthy.  In the spaceship and space stations, life is not easy. Astronauts face any problems in their day-to-day life. They struggle even with food, water, oxygen, gravity, radiations, meteoroids and they may also face many diseases. 

How Space Movies Assumes Space Journeys: 

Throughout the last few decades, many films have tried to show about space journeys and spaceship interior. Some of them are really truly great. My personal favorite is Interstellar and Avatar. The directors have depicted how our long space would look like. The spaceship background carries a lot of metallic equipment, big Hi-Tech tools to control everything and they may have time pods. According to films space journeys are a little dangerous but quite interesting and adventurous.  Reality is totally different. People in space face a lot of problems regarding their health, their environment, and sometimes their mental state also.

How Our Spaceship Interior Would be in the Future: 

While we have seen that spaceships inside are generally made up of metallic environments; there is a high probability that its future will not be the same.  “The inside of the International Space Station is incredibly sterile.”  Rachel Armstrong is a professor of experimental architecture at Newcastle University. He says, “for us to go beyond mere survival and spend any time and space, we have to learn how to thrive beyond our home planet.” Rachel Armstrong recognizes our dependency on our home planet for living. We are alive on earth because the earth's environment is allowing us to live. It is also a notable point that there are dozen of reasons and organic and ecological cycles that help humans to live. And if we are going to space for long time periods like one decade or more than that; we must be ready to create an artificial environment Spaceship Interior. A spacecraft that would be a combination of machine and life.

Plans for futuristic spaceship interior?

  • Artificial Environment:

As it is said before, Earth's environment is one of the biggest reasons why we are still alive. At International Space Station, scientists are regularly trying to farm and develop greenery. They surely have some success in that process. But it is not about only a few pots here and there. This is not enough. An artificial environment will include all the factors and participants of an actual environment on a small scale. This includes micro bacteria, small insects that help plants to grow and nourish. This will create a whole system from a cycle of carbon dioxide and oxygen to a vast artificial mini jungle. This arrangement will allow space passengers to live in space yet having the same circumstances.  Unfortunately, all the trials of making greenery without oxygen levels resulted in failure.

  • Water System and Bacterial Cleaning:

One of the most complex systems in the spaceship interior is its water and urine system. The water filtration process recycles human urine into drinking water. This whole process costs $250M. This is very costly. Here on earth, the filtration process is the same but it is done with a very small amount of money.  Most of this cleaning process is done by rivers themselves. Other than this, bacteria in sewages do the same process for filtration.   This process also includes recycling waste material into usable products. Armstrong says, “We can imagine these being bubbling, flowing, tubes or tanks that are situated around the wall. Already this is starting to be a visually interesting environment- creating an aesthetic experience that makes us feel good.”

  • Radiation Protection:

Space is a home for various radiations that can cause large-scale harm to humans. If we are considering colonizing Mars or the moon, we must find a way to radiation protectors. Water can be an excellent shield from radiation. So it would be a smart idea to have tanks of algae. We will also have sewages and a source of sunlight.  The future colonize will need to survive without the constant supplies from the earth, they must need to develop a natural system beyond earth.

  • Living Spaceship:

This is completely out-of-box thinking. Scientists are now imagining a spaceship interior that will evolve with time. This will be like a living creature developing and evolving itself to give its passengers a secure, risk-free and comfortable journey. This spacecraft will be able to evolve even physically. It will change its structure and design according to space. It will be able to shield itself from any kind of danger. Unfortunately, till now there is no material that can build this type of spaceship. We may need a new element for this. 


It is no doubt that space journeys have an incredible attraction for the people of earth. It is adventurous. But adventures give problems in return. The same applies to it. Living in space is no doubt a real challenge. But as our technology is growing rapidly, we can imagine humans colonizing other planets. We might colonize more than one. For this, we need the facilities and resources of the earth with us. All the space scientists are discovering new ideas and inventions for new-age space crafts. Maybe one day we will see the future spaceship interior and it will feel like a big home carrying small earth within. Read also: No Man’s Sky Technology Module