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silver rathalos weakness

Are you searching for Silver Rathalos Weakness? Yes! you’re in the right place. Lots of hardcore gamers of the monster hunter world, search for the weakness of Silver Rathalos. Many of them face trouble while searching on the internet. So, don’t worry! We have curated a detailed explanation of the varied weaknesses of silver rathalos here.

What is Silver Rathalos Weakness?

Silver Rathalos is a giant monster in the online game Monster Hunter World. He is a rare species of Flying Wyverns Rathalos in Monster Hunter World. Rathalos are large dragons with armor covering their body. Their outer shell appears bright and vibrant colors. Thus, they are found and only appear in Guiding Lands’ Coral map stage 6.

They target on Hymn of Sun and Moon, Special Arena: MR Silver wrathbow Rathalos, Silver’s Glace, and attacks other monsters. In addition, the score of HP is 21,000 as a solo user. Later on, 35,880 HP score for Duo users and 53,550 HP score for 3 or 4 players.

What are Rathalos?

Rathalos are giant monsters in the Monster Hunter World game. Rathalos are found in ancient forests. However, in the game, they target the quests and destroy them to prevent the player to approach in. The target of Quests are the following:  A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest,  Redefining the Power Couple When Desire Becomes an Obsession, Special Arena: HR Rathalos. Rathalos also attacks other monsters.

Here is the full list of Turf Wars: Anjanath, Glavenus, Odogaron, Ebony Odogaron, Deviljho, Rajang, Brachydios, Nargacuga, Brute Tigrex, Zinogre, and Acidic Glavenus

Monster Hunter: World game overview

Monster Hunter: World is an online action game. Japanese video game developer and publisher Capcom launched this game in January 2018 for play station and Xbox one, with a Microsoft Windows version following in August 2018. In the game, the player plays the role of a predator, tasked to hunt down monsters that roam in surrounding areas and nearby. If a player gets successful, then he

How to find mhw ice borne silver rathalos

However, Silver Rathalos is a rare item in the game. So, many players struggle to find them. Here is a very vital thing to note. You can find them only with the Iceborne Expansion. This expansion is a fully paid expansion that was released in September 2019 on consoles and in January 2020 on desktops.

How to Access silver rathalos Iceborne:

In order to get new Iceborne stories and quests, players have to first complete the main story campaign of the monster hunter world ice borne silver rathalos.

Iceborne Quick Access

  • Master Rank
  • Rank MasterArmor
  • Master Rank Weapons
  • Hoarfrost Reach
  • Master Rank Assignments
  • Master Rank Optional Quests
  • Rank Event Quests
  • Master Rank Materials
  • Guiding Land

Iceborne Expansion Features

  1. snow-covered terrain
  2. Larget region
  3. More quests
  4. Master rank
  5. Extreme cold
  6. Flagship monster
  7. New gameplay
  8. Clutch claw
  9. New weapons
  10. New skins

Thus, this is all about the features of Iceborne expansion.

Silver Rathalos Weakness Combat info

Additionally, these insect equipment shortcuts are used to find Monster Hunter World Silver Rathalos in the game. Read on to know about the combat info buttons:

  • Firstly, the red key indicates the head.
  • Secondly, the orange key indicates the Body/Legs.
  • Thirdly, the white button helps to indicate wings.
  • Fourthly, the green key indicates the tail.

Hunters can cut off the tail and break the head killing manner, wings, and body. The tail, wings, the head is the sick points. Therefore, if a player wants to win the game, he must know the weak points of the rathalos. As a result, players will win the battle against the enemy. Rathalos prefer to stay flying to release their multitude of mountain attacks.  Flashing him in the air will only hit down him for a moment.

He continues to charge blindly across the area, making him very difficult to shoot down. A Slinger blast in the middle air works better.  He spends more time engaging and trapping and shooting fire. His Fire and his poison cause more damage to the enemy.

Silver Rathalos Weakness Master Rank Carves

Defeating this dragon allows the player to hack the following items:

1. Silver Rathalos Carves-

  • Silver Rathalos Shard (Dropped / Tail Carved), 5-star master rank with 36%
  • Rathalos Cortex (Dropped), 4-star master rank with 28%
  • Silver Rathalos Fellwing, 3-star master rank with 19%
  • Silver Rathalos Lash (Tail Carved Only), 2-star master rank
  • Rath Gleam (Tail Carved), 3-master rank with 14%
  • Rathalos Mantle (Tail Carved), 1-star master rank with 3%

2. Silver Rathalos Rewards

  • Silver Rathalos Shard (Break Head), 4-star master rank with 21%
  • Rathalos Cortex (Break Head/Back), 4-star master rank, with 28%
  • Silver Rathalos Fellwing (Break Wings)
  • Silver Rathalos Lash, 2-star master rank with 9%
  • Rathalos Mantle (Break Head/Back), 1-star master rank with 2%
  • Conflagrant Sac, 3-star master rank with 18%
  • Rath Gleam (Break Head/Back), 3-star master rank with 10-30%
  • Dragon vein Solidbone (Guiding Lands Only), 3-star master rank with 37%
  • Scorching Scale (Guiding Lands Only), 4-star master rank with 63%

Silver Rathalos Weapons

Here is the full list of Silver Rathalos weapons that every player must know. Rathalos Gleamsword, Wyvern Blade Pale, Shining Wyvern Blade, Wyvern Strife, Leonid Starcrusher.

Silver Rathalos Weakness

Finally, now we are coming to the most important and main topic of the article, the silver rathalos weakness. Additionally, this exhibits weakness to each ailment and damage type in terms of stars. Read to know about the weakness of each ailment and damage type here.

1. Ailment

  • Firstly, Poison causes a 1-star level of silver rathalos weakness.
  • Secondly, the Sleep effect causes a 2-star level of weakness.
  • Thirdly, the paralysis effect causes a 2-star level of ailment.
  • Fourthly, a blast causes a 1-star level of weakness.
  • Lastly, the Stun effect causes a 1-star level of weakness.

2. Weak point

  • Firstly, cut damage can result in the loss of 2 stars level to the forelegs. Whereas, blunt damage can cause 2 stars level damage to the Silver Rathalos’s forelegs as well as ammo damage mhw.
  • Secondly, Wings were damaged at the 3-star level by cut damage. Furthermore, blunt damage can cause 3 stars level damage and 2-star level by ammo damage mhw.
  • Thirdly, the Tail (Severable) can be damaged 3-star level by cut damage. Moreover, blunt damage can cause 3 stars level damage and 2-star level by ammo damage mhw.


This was all about silver rathalos weakness. The up above mention guide will give a deep knowledge of Silver Rathalos and other things. In addition, every detail about the weakness of Silver Rataglos is given. So, what are you waiting for? Play the game and let’s know about the gaming experience.

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