What is RCP Components app and why is it on my phone

The RCP Components app or rich client Protocol is an application found in the application manager of one’s phone. The Eclipse platform is such a design that it serves as an open tools platform, it architects so that its components are used to build just about any client application. Thus Rich Client Platform can be collectively referred as to a minimal set of plug-ins needed to build a rich client application. 

Mostly the client-side processes the data. The developers decide on some sets of secondary commands. This is a system App for developers used mainly by the developers.

What are RCP Components?

  • RCP is a lower-level framework.
  • It is a software that consists of the following components:
  • A core (lifecycle manager).
  • An update manager
  • A standard bundling framework and data binding
  • Also, a portable widget toolkit
  • A workbench
  • Also, a file buffers
  • Text handling and text editors.
  • RCP lets developers build their Apps on existing computing platforms with or without the knowledge of the user.
  • Even, RCP doesn’t require the developers to write their App from scratch.
  • The RCP components app has proven and tested features of the framework
  • It’s app development and integration.
  • Graphics tools, mapping technologies, and spreadsheets are the graphic tools. Thus, the RCP components integrate smoothly with this software.

The RCP components app consists of the following:

Firstly, it has a core (microkernel), and lifecycle manager. Secondly, it assists in a standard bundling framework. Thirdly, it consists of a portable widget toolkit. Also, it helps in file buffers, text handling, and text editors. Further, it can help in a workbench (views, editors, perspectives, wizards) and Even, and it helps in data binding. Finally, it is an Update manager.


  • It’s a developer’s tool.
  • It uses minimal memory.
  • Permissions can be made on or off, thereafter one can Force Stop it and it won’t affect the normal function of the phone

What are RCP components on android?

The usefulness of the RCP components on androids is as under.

  • The best part of the application with RCP components is the compactness of many operating systems.
  • As a result, all apps with RSP can easily launch on different devices.
  • With the help of the RCP components app, it is easier for developers to create an app without creating tools.
  • Some encoding rules are inbuilt into the software.
  • Using the RCP components app is like creating a product, but instead of doing it all over again, the frame has already been done. The developer completes the rest job. They set some sets of commands as per the instructions of the clients. The developer arranges the requirements in such a manner that the actions are just a click away which may be voluntary or involuntary.

Why do I need RCP components?  

  • If the users find any unwanted app they can stop and delete the unwanted app which is not required.
  • It is not at all necessary to have an RCP components app. But sometimes the choice is not with users.
  • The best part of the RCP component is that apps with RSP easily launch on different devices.
  • If deleted, this can free up some space on the device.
  • Again, if one removes the app containing RCP components, it may damage another application.
  • The applications with the help of RCP components are usually portable to many operating systems.

What are the RCP components of Samsung? 

RCP components app are also seen in many available Samsung mobiles available in the market. It is found that sometimes many applications are available on the device without the knowledge of the owner. Here comes the role of the RCP components app. Many times using an application leads to the installation of a new unknown app on the device.

The RCP components app gives a command to the operating system of the android phone to get these apps installed. It is no surprise that the installed app drains our data balance. Some of these applications sometimes drain out the battery of the phone and also run in the background.


  • Eclipse-based applications, called Eclipse RCP (Eclipse Rich Client Platform) use the Eclipse framework thereby creating a feature-rich stand-alone desktop application.
  • The Eclipse IDE is a part of a special Eclipse application and mainly focuses on supporting software development. The wish of the developer decides the list of supporting software.
  • An Eclipse application consists of individual software components, called plug-ins.
  • Eclipse build as an extensible framework, and plug-ins can use and extend other plug-ins.

The RCP components app is a rich client platform that allows the seamless integration of independent software modules into a software application. It helps in uploading the client’s data to the main operating system of the phone or a computer. Many a time it happens with or without the knowledge of the user.  Moreover, for conducting its operations it typically includes advanced graphic tools, spreadsheets, and geospatial mapping technology. Sometimes we find an unknown application on the phone.

The unknown applications are the result of the RCP components app. By the use of an RCP components app, the developer can integrate independent components into an application with a simple click of the mouse. Removing the RCP components from the device is possible by rooting the device.

Summing up 

The app which the RCP components app downloads is also available in the play store. These apps are however safe when one downloads them from the play store. This app when installed can be safely deleted without harming the device. Firstly developers design the RCP components app to intervene in the owner’s device. So the new app has an interconnection with some other app that is already in use.

So deleting this app can harm the device. Thus instead of removing this app, it is better to disable the app. The RCP component app works in the background. Detailed information about each app built into the operating system can be found in the settings of the device. It is important to understand that some embedded apps influence each other. Removing one RCP app will cause damage to another.

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