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Reddit is one of the most visited social media websites. Here you join groups and pages on the topics you like. These pages allow you to post, share and comment in a manner of discussion. This article is about r pcgaming. You can find thousands of pages on Reddit, which are good.

But today, this article is only for game lovers. As we all know, nowadays, online games have been all around ruling the gaming industry. These games are made with such a plan that one can only play them with extra help from outside.

It requires teamwork, discussions, and a proper strategy to survive and play these games. ‘R PCGaming’ is a subreddit page on the Reddit website that helps you to be updated about all which is going on in the world of gaming. It gives you updates about gaming news, gaming updates, and discussions. So today, we will go from the left to the right end of this subreddit ‘R PCGaming’ and will try to give complete information about the subreddit ‘R PCGaming.’

R PC gaming:

R PCGaming is a subreddit dedicated fully to news updates and discussions about the gaming world and new launches. Are you a game lover? A person who thinks he is an outstanding player? If you are one of those in the league, this subreddit is heaven for you. Gamers love to be updated in the field.

Not only about the new games but also about the inside hacks, features, new places, and new achievements in the game. If you are also searching for a place to get all these easily, this subreddit, R PCGaming, is perfect for you.

History of R PC gaming: 

Starting in 2018, the subreddit pc gaming Reddit has become one of the most popular subreddit on r PC gaming. The subreddit R PCGaming currently has more than 2 million members on Reddit. From day one, the subreddit R PCGaming has maintained continuity and consistency in its content. Admin of the subreddit PCGaming Reddit understands their members’ value and allows them to freely post and discuss whatever they want in the gaming field.

Other than gaming, the admin of R PCGaming also supports you in posting and discussing new apps or software-related technology.

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How can you ask questions on R PCGaming Reddit:

This is a self-evident question for everyone who wants to join this subreddit R PC gaming. First of all, understand that every subreddit has its own set of rules to be followed and respected. Breaking this may lead to your cancellation of membership.

These rules are as follows:

  • Being civil means no personal attacks based on race, sex, and caste.
  • No spam or porn or facilitating privacy.
  • No ads or referral links.
  • Not at all memes, PCMR language.
  • No tech support or specific game help is allowed. You can ask general questions for a game.
  • So No questions about buying or building computers.
  • No, let’s play reels, live streams, or random videos.
  • No off-topic post or comment.
  • Not at all editorialized post
  • No duplicates
  • No self-promotion spam.

If you are ready to follow these rules of the subreddit R PC gaming, you can easily ask questions and post any discussion on the subreddit R PC gaming.

Top Threads on R PC gaming:

From the day subreddit R PCGaming was created, it has had many heated topics in its run. Let’s see which one of the themes you would like to read.

Diablo II server down the issue: Diablo II is a game famous for its fantastic storyline and graphics; this game is a war game where the player goes to the world of demons and hell creatures and dead people and fights to rescue the world from their attack. I am a fan of Diablo II. A few days earlier, Diablo II’s server was shut down due to technical issues. After the resurrection of servers, Diablo II came again to be played.

This is a very recent case where more than thousands have discussed what happened and how many days Diablo II took to come back.

The Half-Life 2 discussion:

Half-Life is undoubtedly a superb game and has won millions of hearts worldwide. The subreddit R PCGaming Reddit burst into a discussion of how fantastic this game is and what makes this game legendary. They also discussed that in the last 14 years, it had maintained its greatness at its peak.

This game is no doubt costly. Because of this, only many people can’t afford it, but they know the awesomeness of this game. In this discussion, more than six thousand people were involved discussing the best and most amazing facts and sharing their experiences of them while playing this game.

The FOV 2021 discussion:

Field of View is a function that helps gamers play with more fun, accuracy, and performance. The character you are playing often takes a significant portion of the screen, and you cannot see the whole screen. How could you play then? Many gamers are facing it today and discussed it in the PC Games Reddit subreddit.

They discussed that it pisses them off when people struggle with these problems. It’s 2021, after all; we need a new generation of gaming technology.


You can visit the subreddit R PCGaming and quickly discover many interesting trending stories. So if you want to be in a community of gamers, do not worry about that. Subreddit R PCGaming is here for you.

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