Personality Database- Superb Interaction Website 2021

The Personality Database is a superb website that leads a person in discovering himself and understanding the world. Read here for depth info.

Personality Database- Superb Interaction Website 2021
Personality Database- Superb Interaction Website 2021

The Personality Database is a superb website that leads a person in discovering himself and understanding the world. The world will be a boring and tiresome place if every individual was alike. As a result, PDB's mission is to help you discover yourself and understand the world with all true effects. If you want to get to know your favorite writer's personality, chat about the characters in a movie you've just seen, explore the lives of those who are just like yourself, or join a group of like-minded anime, PDB is the place.  By sharing knowledge, benevolence, and passion, all people are different but in PDB all are one. Hence, they hope to foster a united community of lovers and friends of the typology. In addition, PDB enables them to reach their potential to see beyond their perspective, find their truth, and explore the world.

Defining What is Personality Database

Starting with, a personality database may also be pronounced as the PDB community or a personality databank. Similarly, on this website, one can subsidize and view over 150,000 tangible and imagining personality profiles that characterize profile systems. However, these four-letter personality types as available on Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs and the Enneagram system. Similarly, the PDB mbti database is a database with real people such as presidents, historical leaders, and celebrities. In addition, it also provides fictional profiles from movies or TV shows. In PDB any user can connect and interact with other users of a different type. PDB is also a mini social network for interconnecting people with the same or different tastes. For interacting with friends, the PDB allows users to create their personal space. Similarly, in a personality database, its users can even add new profiles and sub-categories. In addition, one can rate other users better or worse by commenting on them after a successful login. Consequently, never forget to add profiles to one’s favorites list. As a result, he can easily find the people he loves and the website will help him by assigning the most popular profiles in PDB to each person. For adding profile opinion in PDB it's very simple as a user has to just log in with his google account. Similarly, PDB is not coming with any personality database quiz or personality database test.  Nor the personality databank gives any info about personality types on its website. There are a lot of other sites on the internet dealing with these pdb personality test or the personality database test. However, the PDB is a comprehensive database completely built on user-generated content to identify the profile type of famous people.

Personality Database and Personality Types

The personality database does not provide any type of personality database quiz or describe different types of personalities. However, they allow the user to enter the personality type of themselves into the profile. If someone is not conversant with his personality type, he can take a personality database test from any sites providing such tests. Similarly, he can understand his profile type and can update it in the PDB profile. As per the evaluations of Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, there is a total of 16 personality types. They are the developers of the mbti database and MBTI Assessment. Myers and Briggs are famous for their Personality Typology telling and making people understand how they are different. In this topology, their main objective is to help and make people understand their strengths. As a person discover his personality type, he will more clearly understand why he does the things he normally does. In addition, he will also gain confidence in his powers and will be able to make better decisions that match his true nature with the help of PDB.

Personality Database: Collection of Data from Users

The personality database collects three types of information from its users. They are: -

Firstly, User-provided Info.

  • Account Information - At the time of creating an account on PDB one has the user’s name and the date of creation of the account public. A short biography also can be in the account which is available about you with PD. Similarly, it’s always better to keep your real name away from your personality database test account.
  • User-Generated Content - With the moderators and PDB website all user posts and comments, including saved drafts and photos uploaded to profiles are readily available. Similarly, user posts with other users and user reports and other communications are also available freely.
  • Activities - The personality database also collects information on user activities when using the PDB services. Similarly, user interaction with content, such as voting profiles, positive and negative comments, post reports, and topic membership is all-inclusive for them. Also, they include user-to-user interactions such as following, making friends, ignoring, etc. 
  • Other Information - The other information with the personality database test is info on survey participation, activities, membership choices, and correspondences. 

Secondly, automatically collected info.

  • Usage Data - The main automated data collection is of the usage data. From the usage data, the PDB gets the user's IP, browser type and version, MAC addresses, and other diagnostic data. Similarly, while accessing PDB from mobile full details of the user mobile are in sharing with the PDB.
  • Cookies and Similar Technologies - Another automatic collection of data is via Cookies and similar tracking technologies. From these PDB track activity on user service and store confident material. 

Third and finally, info from third parties.

  • Social media services - The PDB has various options for signing up like logging through google. As a result, while using these types of social media services they can collect the data available on these social media sites.
  • Software Integrations - Similarly, the PDB receives data like logs and usage data, and cookie information from third-party software’s within integration with PDB and conducting business with them.

Summing Up

When combined, the personality database is of great use and time pass for its users. It provides the platform for users to interact with the same personality type and even with other types. the personality database aims to create a safe, fun, and informative place for its users to interact and have fun learning about themselves. Read also: Stereo Central