Learn PC Building Techniques with PartPicker 2021

This article is about an e-commerce website PartPicker which can help you to understand and make your own pc. Read on to know more.

Learn PC Building Techniques with PartPicker 2021
Learn PC Building Techniques with PartPicker 2021

Self PC building is now a days a trend among all youth. Generally people who play digital games professionally are a part of these society. They build their pc according to their own needs and wants. It helps them to perform better and it also gives them to enjoy the incredible experience of their own personal computers. This article is about PartPicker. You must have watched the recent video of ‘Henry Cavil’, a British actor building his own personal gaming pc. If you know about Cavil, you must know how much he loves gaming. But question is why gamers want to make their own pcs and what if anything go wrong? Well, building your own pc is seriously not an easy task. Few years ago, a boy created a pc with lots of wrong steps and was criticized by the whole world. Making your own pc means you have the control of your system. You can choose the direction of your supply and set your pc parts according to that.  But this is really not a baby game. One wrong step and you can put your personal computer on fire. So what to do? If you are planning to build your own personal computer and really don’t know the proper steps and knowledge to complete it, this article is solely for you.  This article is about an e-commerce website PartPicker which can help you to understand and make your own pc. So let’s go!

What is PartPicker

Partpicker is a comparison shopping website. It sells different parts of a personal computer like CPU, GPU, motherboard, memory cards and coolers and many more stuffs via affiliate link of other e-commerce websites. Partpicker allows users to compare prices and compatibility of computer components on different retailers online.  Phillip Carmichael is the whole and sole designer and creator of this website. Partpicker raises its funds through affiliate marketing. PCPartpicker uses affiliate marketing for websites like amazon and e-bay.  Well, serving as an e-commerce website, PCPartpicker has started something unique and out of the box idea. PC Part picker has started various guides to teach you how to build a personal computer. 

How is Partpicker helpful to many new users?

PCPartpicker was designed and launched in the year 2011. Later it was redesigned in the year 2015 for better user experience. After visiting the website, one will not only find what they need but its amazing user interference will make them enjoy using pcpartpicker website.  If you are new to gaming world and want to build your own customized personal computer; your one stop solution is PCPartpicker. Here you will find each & everything you need to know for making your own personal computer.  PCPartpicker serves you with a long list of various computer parts. In addition, it will give you a right comparison of their prices on different websites. PCPartpicker also provides you the best comparison between the parts you choose. This helps you to distinguish between two very best products in your wish list.  

Special features that partpicker.com gives to you:

For a long time pcpartpicker is the most reliable and trustworthy website for all those who are in do it yourself pc building. The reason behind this is their special features that they provides for their users. Over 100000 users are a regular visitor of this website. 

We have made a list of what PCPartPicker has to offer you:

1. Products Availability: 

If you want to build a pc; the very first thing you will need is right component at right prices. Without it you may burn all your component and burn all you money too. PCPartpicker is an excellent place for checking out the right products and product availability. This site gives a comparison list to you for your better choices. Few sites that pcpartpicker recommends to you is amazon.com, ecga.com, adorama.com, memory.com.  PCPartpicker keeps the prices update as per the current market prices of the products on the respective websites. But it would be better to check the market price before buying anything.

2. Comparison among parts:

When you are given many options, it is easy to get confused. It is nearly impossible to find out exactly what you want but a good comparison can give you more insights of the any part of your pc. It eventually helps you to build better pc.  PCPartpicker gives you comparison between all parts of a personal computer. Let’s suppose you are searching for a motherboard in PCPart picker and you landed on motherboard section and want a comparison between ‘Asus TUF Gaming x570-Plus (wi-fi)’ and ‘Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (wi-fi)’; pcpartpicker gives you each & every detail with side by side comparison of their properties. 

3. System PC part builder:

PCPartpicker has a very special features where you can virtually build your pc. This segment of the website allows you to choose parts according to your will. In addition, it has an AI that saves your time by sorting the no need components.  For example if you have chosen an AMD FX-8350 and then start finding motherboards, you will only find compatible AM3+ motherboards to match the socket type of your CPU.  This site will also give the least and maximum pricing of your own created system.  These component also include Rosewill mouse pad.

4. Build guides:

There are hundreds of build guides on pcpartpicker website. Interestingly this service is open to all users. Anyone who has knowledge of building a gaming pc with their own understanding, they can post their equipment details on the website.  One can read and copy the same equipment for building their own. And if you are having an experience of pc building, you can also write a note and publish it for others to read.


The only thing you must take care of that you must have the new updates of every part of computer. You may be using an outdated product (I hope not so) that has no credibility in current time and take care that you must not give repetition of already published guide. Read also: Mr Robot Wow