How to Get the Note 8 Screen Rotation Right

The note 8 screen rotation is a sensitive topic for many people. It's been the subject of much debate in forums and social media groups.

How to Get the Note 8 Screen Rotation Right
note 8 screen rotation

The note 8 screen rotation is a sensitive topic for many people. It's been the subject of much debate in forums and social media groups across the internet. Some note 8 users are frustrated because they can't get it to rotate properly, while others are happy with their note 8 screen rotation experience. The note 8 has an amazing display that makes watching movies or browsing photos on your phone a great experience. You'll find that it is also very easy to read text on this device, which will be important if you need to use your note 8 at work! In this article, we'll go over some reasons why you might not be able to adjust your note 8 screen orientation, as well as how to fix these problems so you can enjoy all that note has to offer.

Follow the steps for Note 8 screen rotation:

The note 8 screen rotation can be toggled in the settings menu. The note 8 screen orientation defaults to the landscape position, which means that you'll need to turn your note 8 on its side in order for it to function properly.

  • Swipe down from the top of your note 8's screen and tap "settings" at the bottom.
  • At the top of this new screen, there will be three different tabs: General, Display, and Gestures. You should tap "Display" and scroll down until you see "orientation".
  • Next, Tap "portrait" or "landscape".
  • Now, Tap "Home" at the bottom of your note, and you'll see that this has also been changed to a portrait or landscape orientation.
  • You can now enjoy all of the note's features in whichever position is most comfortable for you!

How to enable Note 8 screen rotation? 

You can also use the note 8 screen rotation to auto-rotate apps on your note 8. This is a great way to make note 8 navigation less annoying as you don't have to rotate your note 8 every time you want to use an app!

  • S8 users should pull down the notifications panel to enable their note 8 screen rotation.
  • Now you have to find the portrait or "auto-rotate" icon.
  • Tap on it when you see it and your phone will be set up for auto-rotate mode, which is what we're going for here!

Note: Is your phone in portrait mode and the problem is that it won't rotate? If so, then you can fix this by either using a quick toggle of auto-rotate to resume rotation or wait 5 seconds for the lock. This will surely help you to in How to rotate screen on note 8.

What causes the galaxy note 8 screen rotation problem?

There are a few reasons why note 8 users may experience problems with note 8 screen rotation.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has some of the most advanced hardware and software on a smartphone. This is why it's so surprising that people are reporting a glitch in this new phone which makes it act strangely when they rotate the screen by 360 degrees! The problem seems to be related to sensors, specifically gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. To check if there might be an issue with either sensor, you can dial *#0*# at your home screen but this will only happen if both these components work properly together without any issues whatsoever. In other words - we're not looking for something physical here because chances are low that anything is wrong with them rather than just what should happen automatically (software crashing). If you don't want to wait for a software update, you can disable the note's gyroscope sensor by going to Settings then Privacy and Emergency. If this doesn't work for your note rotation problem with the note screen, there are some other ways that could fix it such as: - switching off note auto-rotation in the notification panel. -  Restart your Device.

Still, note 8 screen rotation not working? Try to Clear Cache Of your Galaxy Note 8

There are signs that note 8 users might need to clear the note 8 caches before they can rotate note 8 screen orientation. - Power down your device, press the power button. -  Now turn on your device in the magical land of recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up + Bixby + and Power buttons. - Use volume buttons to navigate through options in recovery mode. Highlight "wipe cache partition" with your finger, then press the power button again to confirm the selection. Try it! -  After the cache cleared, your device will reboot with a fresh start.

If note 8 auto rotate not working for you after trying the above methods, try the following steps:

This might be caused by faulty apps that are influencing your device screen rotation. -  Switch off your phone and then switch it back on. - You need to turn off your device and then turn it back on. When the Samsung logo appears, press the volume down button. Your phone entered the safe zone. -  Now, turn on auto-rotation and see if your screen is rotating. -  If you find yourself constantly rotating your phone to read it, then this is a clear sign that an application installed on your device may be the cause. Try deleting your recently downloaded applications one by one until you find the culprit. If this doesn't work, it's possible that something went wrong during installation and corrupted data is causing a conflict in how your phone interprets rotation instructions from its GPS sensors.

Use a third-party app for your note 8 auto-rotate

How to enable Samsung auto rotate mode? If nothing else has worked to fix your phone's rotation, you can download the Rotation Control application from Google Play. It allows users to manually rotate their screens — no sensors required!


The Note 8 screen rotation is still an issue for some users. Some have found that rotating the phone into landscape mode then back to portrait makes it work properly, while others have had success with a restart. It's not an easy fix but there are workarounds available if you're experiencing this problem on the device too. If you've been struggling with getting the orientation lock right on your Galaxy Note 8, we may be able to help! We'll provide more information about what might be causing these issues and how to fix them in just a moment so stay tuned! Read more: Not Getting Tinder Notification Sound