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Matrix Games Forums

The gaming world is regularly evolving with time. New technologies and the extraordinary experience of playing virtual games are attracting a mass young population to it. Nowadays the young generation is not just playing these games but also they have built a well stable career out of it. This article is about Matrix games forums. Throughout the world, there are numerous companies dedicated to building games for the world. I hope and I wish they all are doing great. But today I am going to talk about one game publisher named Matrix games and Matrix games forums.

Matrix Games:

Matrix Games is a USA & UK-based game publishing company. They publish PC games and are known for their strategy games and war games.   This is private incorporation. Its headquarters is at Epsom, Surrey. Currently, JD McNeil, Lain McNeil, Erik Ruins, Macro A. Minoli, Philip Veale, and Shaun Wallace are working as key people in Matrix Games.  Though Matrix Games is famous in the world gaming community for its war games & strategy games, it is not only involved in making war games and strategy games but Matrix Games also builds space sims, management sims, and real-time strategy titles.

Matrix Games History:

David Heath founded Matrix Games in the year 1999 at Staten Island, New York City. The company was fully dedicated to making Personal Computer games based on war games and strategy-based games.  Its first game was Across the Dnepr: Korsun pocket add-on. Later the company published many personal computers games like Battlefront, Birth of America, Close Combat game franchise, Field of Glory franchise, and Gates of Troy. In the year 2010, Matrix games announced its emergence with Slitherine. Both companies got merged and became the largest wargaming specialist publisher.

Matrix Games took its chance when it signed the top developers in the strategy-based games field. Matrix games pioneered the move into digital delivery, minimizing costs to customers and providing them with an interactive environment.  They are famous for their awesome quality products. They are providing a high-class gaming experience to the user.  The secret as they say lies in their core philosophy.  ‘The most important philosophy of our company is we love what we make. We’re gamers first and then we take our love of games and put them into our products. The results have been a tremendous success.’

Matrix Games Forums:

Game Forums are one platform where you can discuss any kind of updates in the gaming world with all the other gamers in the world. Gaming forums bring all people together across the globe who want to talk about video games. Sometimes it is used to give very useful information and to discuss some topics with a large community beyond your physical reach. Matrix Games Form is a very genuine place to discuss all your queries and opinion about a game developed by Matrix Games. You can easily go to the official website of Matrix Games Forums is ‘’.

After entering Matrix Games Forums, you will see a page with general queries and news listed in a table form. This will be the official home page of Matrix Games Forums.  You will find all the latest discussions on this page. With this, you will also find out the latest Matrix Games downloads, official support from matrix games itself, and unofficial help from games to gamers. You can also buy any game you want. Before being able to comment or discuss anything on the Matrix games forums, you need to make an account with your name. You have to submit your email address, name, and country for this. After clicking on the name, you will go to the question and reply page.

You can also go through the monthly newsletter issued by the Matrix Games Forum.  The matrix games Forums have many sub-sections. Like newsletters, general discussions, support systems, regional, new coming soon sections, new releases, and much more. You can get 35% off matrix games coupons on games by giving seasonal codes.

Matrix Games Award & Reward:

The Matrix Games is famous for its wargaming and strategy-based games. The Matrix Games has a good reputation in its player’s hearts. It has won many hearts for its products and games.

  1. In Nov 2003; the Matrix won the PC gamer’s editor’s choice award 93% for Korsun Pocket.
  2. Matrix Games was in the top 10 in the Computer Games Magazine in the year 2005.
  3. In the year 2003, Matrix Games won the Wargame of the year in the Computer Gaming World.
  4. In the year 2004, Matrix Games again won the Wargame of the year in Computer Gaming World.
  5. Matrix has won the 32nd annual origins awards in the 2006 Vanguard award for the world at war.
  6. In the same year 2006, Matrix Games registered its name for the 32nd annual origins awards Lock n’ load band of heroes.
  7. In 2007, the matrix games won the Charles S. Roberts award for Guns of August.
  8. In the same year 2007, it won Charles S. Roberts Award for Empires in Arms.

Product line-up:

  • Across the Dnepr Franchise.
  • Armada 2526
  • Armored Brigade
  • Battleground franchise.
  • Close combat franchise
  • Field of Glory franchise.
  • Gary Grigsby Franchise
  • Gates of Troy.
  • Massive Assault.
  • Scourge of war Franchise.
  • Strategic Command Classic Franchise.

If you are a real game lover who enjoys each and every moment of playing games online, and making friends and you are really desperate to know each and every movement of the gaming world. The Matrix Games is a great place to do so.  Without a single doubt, buy games that are published by The Matrix Games and become a part of the Matrix Games Forum by creating a signup id on the official website.


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