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macbook 12in m7

Apple’s MacBook 12in m7 (also known as the Retina MacBook or the new MacBook) is a Macintosh notebook computer with a high-resolution retina display. While the second-generation MacBook Air was considered a more premium device by Apple, the MacBook Air was positioned below the MacBook Pro performance range. 

It was unveiled in March of that year. It has a smaller “Butterfly” keyboard, a fanless design, and a single USB-C connector for data and power, making it the most compact MacBook. The third-generation MacBook retina 12-inch display, which replaced it significantly, was discontinued in July of this year.

MacBook 12in m7

There are several similarities between this a1534 BTO/CTO device and the MLHA2LL/A and MLHC2LL/A devices. Base models, this one has a more powerful processor. We’ve listed them separately. To make cataloging and reading easier, this has been.

In 2016, this model was the first MacBook available to the general public. It has a 12-inch screen and MacBook core m7 Skylake processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. However, Space grey, gold, and a rose gold finish are just a few new color options.

Battery life and Storage of MacBook 12in m7:

The battery life on this MacBook was better than on prior models. The Intel HD Graphics 515 serves as the new graphics processor. Below you’ll find more information on the item and its capabilities.

The motherboard is fitted with 256/512 GB of PCIe-based flash storage. The estimated storage speed for the hard disc is 845/947 MB per second.

Dimensions of the Display:

New TFT LED-Backlit active-matrix “Retina” display technology was used in this MacBook’s 12-inch screen. The pixel density is 226 pixels per inch, allowing for a wide range of colors to be shown clearly and accurately.

As a result, individual pixels are rendered undetectable even at a typical viewing distance. Thanks to IPS technology, other screen resolutions supported by this device are 1440 x 900, 1280 x 800, and 1024 x 640.

Features Included in the Package:

The following features and ports are available on the MacBook 12in m7:

  • AirPort Express is the most basic version of the service:
  • Bluetooth 4.0, backward compatible with lower Bluetooth devices, delivers excellent low-energy utilization for rapid PAN (Personal Area Network) connections and transfers.
  • Connectivity through a single USB-C port
  • FaceTime Webcam with 480p resolution

Processing unit and graphics processing unit:

This gadget came pre-loaded with MacOS X 10.11.4 as its default operating system. The Intel Integrated HD Graphics 515 graphics processor, which replaced the HD Graphics 5300 in the early 2015 model, was also used in the new model. This processor shares the internal 8 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM.

Upgrading options:

You can’t add more RAM or external storage because those components are built-in. The MacBook 12in m7 series is thinner and heavier than this gadget, measuring 0.14 – 0.52 inches thick and weighing 2.03 pounds.

The craftsmanship of the highest order:

The MacBook 2016 m7 is a well-made laptop that will last for years to come. Every inch is meticulously crafted, from the laser-cut speaker grill to the silky glass trackpad and even the high-gloss shine on the famous Apple logo on the lid.

As soon as you touch it, you can tell that this is a high-end product, and it’s a joy to use. The MacBook is distinguished from similar products by a few well-executed design elements. 

Feedback from the tap:

Keyboard purists may find the new MacBook keyboard to be a divisive subject. The keys have the same short travel and fast responsiveness as the MacBook 2016 12 inch lineup’s second-generation butterfly switches. Once you get used to the keyboard, you’ll find that it’s a lot of fun, even if it’s not the most ergonomic.

1.3 GHz dual core intel core m7 & Fast storage:

Moving on to storage, the MacBook 12in m7 is lightning-fast and up to the task of juggling large files. Faster than ever to install Windows with Boot Camp on 256GB SSD, which also partitions quickly? The MacBook’s read speed reached 1355 megabytes per second, and its write speed reached 1035 MB/s, respectively.

Take a look at this:

The MacBook’s display is another area where Apple has few true rivals. The glossy Retina display has a maximum resolution of 2,304 x 1,440 pixels and a pixel density of 226 pixels per inch. On a screen this small, that level of pixel density is remarkable. The photographs have a great deal of complexity, but locating wallpapers of the right resolution might be a challenge.


The design and feel of the new MacBook 12in m7 are virtually identical to those of the previous year’s model. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing, however. The brushed aluminum, available in Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold, retains its cool and elegant feel, which we appreciate.

Despite the MacBook’s slender design and lightweight, its dimensions remain one of the most appealing aspects of the product.

Sound and visuals:

The display has remained constant since its inception in MacBook 12 inch 2015, a testament to the company’s reputation for designing high-quality displays, among other things.

Even while it’s not the sharpest screen in the school anymore, its Retina display makes photo editing and other graphically heavy tasks look immaculate.

Fast, fast, fast:

Intel’s 7th-generation Core m3 chip does not inspire confidence in the MacBook. Intel’s 8th-generation low-power processor powers even the new MacBook Air. With its focus on power efficiency and low heat generation, Intel’s Core m3 processor isn’t as powerful as Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 offerings, but it delivers great results in everyday tasks.


  • The unmatched craftsmanship
  • Long battery life
  • Spectacular show
  • Incredibly powerful speakers


  • A single USB-C port isn’t enough.
  • Incomparably higher than the market average

MacBook 12 m7 vs. i7:

While the i7 6920HQ is a better choice for high-performance computing since it has double the cores and threads, faster bus speed, and a higher clock speed, the m7 is considerably more power efficient because it uses only 10% of the power. It all depends on what you’re using the computer for.


Since its humble origins, the MacBook 12in m7 has come a long way. It was formerly Apple’s affordable alternative to the MacBook Pro, but it has now grown into one of the company’s slimmest options. As the company’s thinnest and lightest laptop, the new MacBook Air features a 12-inch chassis and a higher price tag after a four-year break.


Is the 12-inch MacBook still available?

It’s unlikely that Apple will relaunch the 12-inch MacBook because it was discontinued.

How old is the 12-inch MacBook?

Designed for users who require an ultra-portable laptop, Apple unveiled the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 as a light and thin device.

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