LG v30 Removable Battery: How to Replace Battery?

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LG v30 removable battery

LG v30 removable battery includes a non-removable battery of 3,300 mAh (12,7Wh), which is just a bit larger than the V20’s 3,200 mAh battery. However, in the Snapdragon 835, the V30 uses a much more efficient SoC, and although the display is larger, the more efficient overall design provides decent battery life. As a result, the LG v30 removable battery performed well with higher-than-average test results.

LTE test of LG v30 removable battery:

Key benchmarks such as web browsing show solid performance, especially in the LTE test of the LG v30 removable battery, where the V30 was at the top of the charts. Video playback was also a powerful feature of the V30, with a 1080p playback test at extremely low intensity and 4K HEVC file streaming over Wi-Fi. LG has also taken advantage of making less aggressive CPU clocking and performs surprisingly well in high-performance battery tests GFXBench and Basemark.

LG v30 removable battery replacement:

This guide allows you to replace the LG V30 battery. If your battery drains too fast or stops charging completely, battery replacement should reduce your problems. This guide consists of removing your device’s rear cover, so you need to LG v30 battery replacement stickers to the phone. This guide includes removing the battery from your equipment attached to the phone with adhesive. To secure the battery inside the phone, you will need replacement adhesives.

Does the LG v30 have a removable battery:

This is an internal battery uni-body device that cannot be removed. Instead, follow these steps to reset the device softly: Press and hold down the Power button and volume until the device is released, about 8 seconds. The V30, its 6″ phablet flagship, is unveiled officially by LG, and two cornerstones of the company’s V line are missed: a battery that can be removed and the LG’s so-called “second screen.

Disassembling your device:

Ensure the battery is less than 25 percent before disassembling your device. If punctured or damaged accidentally, the battery may fire and explode, and the likelihood of fire/exposure reduces if discharged below 25%. The LG v30 removable battery cells of 3,300 mAh on paper are neither small nor record break.

LG v30 battery removable 

Alternatively, an opener can be placed over the battery for about three minutes to soften the adhesive holding the battery to the device. Putting one on the battery screen is recommended if you have more than one opener. Next, insert a plastic card into the LG v30 battery removable. Finally, work gently around the left side of the battery with a plastic card that separates it from its adhesive.

Battery removal:

To pry the battery up from the slot, use a plastic card. Lift the battery away from your phone with your fingers. Since the battery is attached to adhesive, you must replace the bond when installing a new battery. The use occurs primarily with Wi-Fi connected, one or two hours of 4G, and approximately one or two hours of music streaming through Bluetooth daily off the charger.

lgv30 battery:

This is the usual disclaimer; your results could vary greatly depending on your connectivity situation. The low level of the mobile network signal significantly impacts your battery life, while the telephone mainly uses your mobile data. But we can tell you that the V30S should last you a day even if you’re a power user rather than us. The only problem we have had, and that’s small, is that sometimes if you switch to the last app, you quickly double-tap the Recent key and enter the first tap, so you have a multitasking carousel.


However, the LG v30 removable battery has not so well received PCMark for some reason, which contradicts many of the others. The V30 has a good life span in all cases. In all cases. And when talking about Voice commands with the V30, you’ll also receive some exclusive, camera-like Google Assistant features. The camera will launch appropriately if you ask to “record a video.” Or “take a manual picture.” Unfortunately, we could not bring the device.

Higher audio loyalty still:

The V30 comes with a Snapdragon 835 processor like other premium phones, which can also provide 4GB of RAM, a battery of 3.300MAh, and 64GB of storage or 128GB of storage. Finally, the V30 will bring water resistance and wireless charging to the V line thanks to removing the removable battery. But where the V30 begins to separate from the rest of the Android package, you can do it.

LG v30+ battery:

The new direction could disable LG diehards, but they can be confident. All other functions of the LG v30+ battery are imaginable. The LG v30 is a highly intriguing phablet on paper alone. But it is still in high order: convincing enough people to purchase it on Note 8 and upcoming. That said, the life of the battery was excellent.

Multitasking carousel:

The only problem we have had, and that’s small, is that sometimes if you switch to the last app. You quickly double-tap the Recent key and enter the first tap to have a multitasking carousel. But otherwise, we had no hiccups, no unintended slowdowns, and nothing like that at all. The LG v30 has a removable battery, but no price or release date was communicated. It will come to all four major carriers this autumn.


Consider how appropriate the LG v30 removable battery longevity is to you. And pay attention to how much juices remain in the cells at the end of each day, as described above. While powered by the Snapdragon 835 last year, the V30S will not let you want in performance. The mobile phone is rapid regardless of what you throw at it. And it will never be a problem thanks to its 6GB RAM lg v30 removable battery.

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