kickback Minecraft play and make money

The kick back gaming company is bringing forward the old sandbox game The Minecraft game, which is now kickback Minecraft.

kickback Minecraft play and make money
kickback minecraft

Ever thought of making money while playing computer games or mobile games? Ever thought that old games come back again for a fresh competition?  Here comes the hard work of kickback gaming. The kick back gaming company is bringing forward the old sandbox game – Minecraft, with a new outlook. The Minecraft game, which is now kickback Minecraft, is brought forward to the realm of esports with a competitive setup. As a result, the kickback Minecraft allows a lot of other kick back gaming Minecraft players to meet on kickback gaming servers to showcase their skills. However,  the kickback Minecraft provides something extra as players can even make money while playing.

Kickback Minecraft

  • The backing of Kickback is by the company, Y Combinator.
  • Nowadays, Kickback selects some of the famous old games and sets them as competitive games.
  • The Kickback is a small startup company and kickback Minecraft is their first venture.
  • Specialities put forward by kickback Minecraft are:-
  1. Custom maps.
  2. Taking care of matchmaking.
  3. Setting up anti-cheat measures.
  4. Decides the winners.
  5. Finally, handling the payout of prizes to the winners.
  • Both esports and Minecraft were having a large audience.
  • However, Kickback was smart enough in combining both esports and Minecraft.
  • kickback Minecraft arranges arena-style battles.
  • This battle takes place on custom maps shown in the game ranging from an island near a lava pit to a big fortress.
  • Until the time is up, the competitive kickback Minecraft players kill each other over and over again.
  • Finally, the competitor with maximum points will be the winner.
  • However, battles can be small as 1 v/s 1, or kickback Minecraft can also include a larger group.
  • Paly 1v/s 1, ‘to death’ matches, or team v/s team with Kickback’s Minecraft service.
  • There are large differences in the rule in the case of single players and team players.

How to start the game?

  • Firstly, all the kickback Minecraft players have to register online with Kickback.
  • Then log in to kickback Minecraft. 
  • Finally. You are ready to go.
  • Move forward and make some real fun with kickback Minecraft.

Charges and winnings. 

  • Usually, the matchmaking service by the Kickback is free of cost.
  • However, the players who need a thrilling experience have to pay $1 per match to showcase their skill.
  • And they will have the chance to win the whole pot.
  • The larger is the match bigger is the pot.
  • If playing dedicatedly you may have a chance to win a handsome amount on your time pass.
  • Mostly, the winnings are very small.
  • However, the competitors also have a chance to win $2-$100.
  • Besides, if Kickback is bringing the game to the mainstream from the beta version the winnings also will surely grow.

Kickback servers 

  • Kickback created a free- triangle Minecraft server hosting for the Minecraft community.
  • The name of the server is simply, Triangle.
  • The Kickback uses the architecture of the triangle Minecraft server for all their new ventures.
  • The Kickback has plans to bring triangle Minecraft server hosting for other games in the future.
  • However, they are using Minecraft to test every nuke and corner of the business.
  • Within the game, the triangle Minecraft servers help in the easy modification of maps, weapons, and game rules.

Team deathmatch servers.

  • Minecraft team deathmatch servers are PvP servers (player v/s player servers).
  • These Minecraft deathmatch servers consist of team Deathmatch Battles choosing detailed classes. 
  • The Minecraft team deathmatch servers will be adding more maps as time move on.
  •  The best PvP Minecraft deathmatch servers are:-
  2. ComplexGaming
  3. PikaNetwork
  4. JartexNetwork
  5. CubeCraftGames
  • You have an option of having a total of six detailed classes in deathmatch servers.
  • But while playing you can only select a single class.
  • You cannot change your class in between your game.
  • Deathmatch has two teams ready to kill each other team as many times possible.  
  • The names of the six classes are as below:-

 Second Chance

  • Permits you a standard bow.
  • A totem of undying. 
  • Gives you a golden apple.


  • This class gives the ability to teleport.
  • Gives you a speed potion
  • Besides, a wooden sword also comes with this class.


  • Bow with fire aspect and 9 fire charges
  • Gives you potions of fire.


  • Provides you with a bow for tremendous damage
  • Besides, they provide 3 Harming Arrows also.


  • Gives you a sharp blaze rod.
  • Besides, they will give you the most protective armor.


  • Gives you healing arrows.
  • Besides, a bow with potions of healing also comes with this class.

The rules of the detailed six classes of deathmatch battles are:-

  • Firstly, pick only one class
  • Secondly, do not cause drama in the game.
  • Thirdly, do not teleport outside the map.
  • Also, do not randomly quit the match as the match is of only 06 minutes.
  • Again, do not spawn trap someone in the entire game.
  • Finally, do not stay in your spawn where you cannot be shot.

As a result, it’s great fun with deathmatch battles.

Paid and free matches 

  • The number of players usually affects a potential payout.
  • However, the paid matches offer as much as the free matches.

As per Vlad Nov co-founder of Kickback, the paid matches helps the startup in two ways:-

  • While playing a game with money on the line, it's more interesting than the normal one. 
  • The game's biggest winners are influencing others vocally and recruiting more friends to play on a paid platform.


Moving forward, the 10-individual startup’s largest focuses are including extra maps and healthy kinds for Minecraft and bringing different video games to the platform. It won’t have a number of the benefits that got here with Minecraft but it begins off evolved operating with new video games. However, Prokoudine one of the co-founders says that the toughest work is making scalable backend and matchmaking systems. But Minecraft has the design to hold over without a whole lot of hassle. Read also: The 5 best keyboard for small hands