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keyboard for small hands

Nowadays everyone is using a computer in their day-to-day life. It has become an unavoidable thing in today’s world. From school going to the office going, people use the computer. In school you need it for homework, in college, it’s a great help in writing a term paper, in the office, it is an unreplaceable attribute of any work. For entering data keyboard plays an important role. A keyboard is a device that allows a person to enter data by typing. So, it is very much important to have a comfortable keyboard. So here comes the importance of a keyboard for small hands.

The best part of the keyboard is that it gives a lot of space. This allows the users to reach the mouse very quickly. Computer keyboards for small hands got many benefits. It is efficient and also the users can take it anywhere without much effort. The users can easily carry it along with them. However, it is necessary to buy a separate mouse for the smallest wireless keyboard. Usually working people sit before the computer for a long time.

For people who got small hands, big keyboards will be a bit difficult. So, for those people keyboard for small hands will be a great relief. These keyboards are not only beneficial to people with small hands. They can also make use of people who want more space in their desks. There are many small keyboards available in the market.  Here you have some of the best small keyboards are:

1. Noppoo Chocco Mini

It is a little keyboard that has three fourth of the keys of a standard keyboard. Chocco Mini is perfect for people who have smaller hands and who don’t want to use the full keyboard. These can be used for playing games as well as for office uses that do not require much professional work.

Some of the features of the keyboard for small hands are :

  • It has cherry MX switches
  • The color schemes are cool
  • It is very small and suitable for people with smaller hands
  • It is highly good for late-night gaming because of its good backlight.
  • However, the keyboard is ideal for traveling purposes.
  • Since it has a medium point of actuation it is comfortable for people with smaller hands.

2. Drevo Excaliber

It is also seventy-five percent keyboard for people who have smaller hands. There are different color schemes for drevo. You can select the color according to your style. There are graphical keys on the ALT keys which is an important key. Even though it looks sleek and smart yet it is casual. The mechanical sound of drevo is very nice. It also makes use of quiet switches. Some of the features of drevo are:

  • The professional look of the drevo makes it more unique
  • Floating keys enable the users to reach with smaller hands
  • It also has Cherry MX switches. While gaming you can make it silent too
  • Another feature is that it got easily changeable keycaps.

3. Ducky One 2

This is another keyboard for small hands. Ducky has an image for making cool and reliable keyboards. They are gaming keyboards for small hands. To make the keyboard as small as possible they have cut many keys from the keyboard. So that it is only sixty percent of the longer keyboard. This keyboard is efficient for gaming and traveling. The value of the product is also realistic. The most important thing is that the keyboard does not come with arrow keys. Features include:

  • Firstly, it is really good for typing and the feedback is also great
  • Secondly, the keyboard is consistent and also durable.
  • The RGB backlight of the keyboard is customizable
  • Keycaps are amazing and are also perfect for gaming
  • Moreover, there are many options available in Cherry MX switches.

4. Redragon K552 -RGB

Compared to other smaller keyboards this is not that small. It is a combination of both smaller and standard keyboards. It has eighty-seven keys including arrow keys. The keyboard looks amazing and also works great. It is one of the best options for a keyboard for small hands. The features of the dragon are great and some of them are:

  • Compared to its facilities the price is reasonable and fair
  • Dragon has almost 12 programmable function keys
  • The RGB backlight of the dragon is also customizable
  • Tenkeyless keys are one of the highlights of computer keyboards for small hands
  • Comfortable Molded keycaps are another best feature of the keyboard

5. Hyper X Alloy FPS Pro

This keyboard is also for gaming, especially for FPS gaming. Alloy is resilient and reliable too. It also has 87 keys along with arrow keys. It is ideal for traveling. Even though the keyboard has a bit of weight you can easily pack it in your laptop bag. Some of the features are:

  • It is very strong and weighs a bit
  • The design of the keyboard is very small and sleek so it creates a lot of space while carrying
  • There is a mix of red and blue Cherry MX switches. You can select according to your preferences.
  • Software is so simple and is also easy to program

Benefits of using a small wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Firstly, most people think that smaller keyboards may not be efficient since they lack many keys. But the statistic is that they provide double or triple functions on their keys.
  • Since small USB keyboards require only less material it is cheaper compared to standard keyboards.
  • If you are looking only for playing then smaller keyboards are a great option
  • You can simply put it in your bag because of its lightweight feature.
  • The keyboard is travel-friendly too. You can take it anywhere
  • It requires only less space so that you can find space for other things on the table.
  • People also utilize this keyboard for small hands
  • While playing games people with small hands can play efficiently and speedily with this keyboard
  • Smaller-hand people find it difficult and painful while play on larger keyboards.
  •  Finally, If you want to be the best gamer then you have to choose the best keyboard which fits you well

Summing up

It is so surprising to see the advantages of the keyboard for small hands. It’s high time to grab one for you and play your games without pain.

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