Is the iPhone XR waterproof? Know Here

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is the iphone xr waterproof

Imagine a situation where you are on a trip with your friends. All of you are playing near a big pond. The water is deep and you are afraid of going into it. Your friends know your fear and promise not to force you into the water. But friends are friends. How could you expect a favor from them? While you are enjoying the sun at the bank of the pond; two of your friends come and throw you into the water. This article is about is the iPhone XR waterproof.

You get terrified as you know that your iPhone XR is in your pocket and now it is also having water splashes.

And just then you remember that your iPhone XR is water-resistant.  You come out of the water to check your phone. But now it’s not responding properly. Now what? Truly, is the iPhone XR waterproof? Or there is a catch?  Here is what you need to know about your iPhone XR.

What is iPhone XR?  

iPhone XR is an Apple mobile that you can easily afford. iPhone XR has the least price among all the iPhones. Apple’s twelfth generation includes iPhone XS and XS Max. However, Apple has downgraded the quality of some equipment inside of it. Also, some features are not in iPhone XR that are present in XS and XS Max. 

The iPhone XR does have the most powerful and advanced 7 nanometers Apple A12 bionic chip and liquid retina LED-BACKLIT LCD IPS panel display. 

Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

At every Apple center, the salesperson will tell you that iPhone XR is water resistant so you don’t need to worry about the phone getting into the water anymore. You probably get impressed by this and buy it. But does a salesperson actually mean what he/ she says to you?

In most cases, the answer is no. So the question is in front of you. Is the iPhone XR waterproof in real or is there a catch?  Well, your iPhone XR is not completely waterproof. However, the phone is water-resistant. Your iPhone can resist water for a while but it can’t handle it for too long.

Eventually, water will pass through the small holes and passages into your iPhone.  iPhone XR has an IP67 rating. IP shows how strong is your mobile against dust and water. 

What is the IP67 rating?

The word ‘IP’ refers to Ingress Protection. IP shows how strong is an electronic gadget case against dust and other particles. The numbers after IP is the strength of the case. 

The first number after IP is the dust-protection number and the second number after IP is the water-resistant number.  Ingress Protection has a dust protection scale from 0 to 6. In a similar way, the water-resistance scale varies from 0 to 8. iPhone XR has an IP67 rating.

It means that your iPhone has maximum resistance against dust and less resistance against water. iPhone XS and XS Max have IP68 dust and are water-resistant.  As iPhone XR has an IP67 rating, it clearly states that your phone is water-resistant but not waterproof. So how long can your iPhone endure the water? 

How long can your iPhone XR endure the water?

 You must have got the answer to this question. Is the iPhone XR waterproof? The answer is clearly no. It would not be a great idea to put your phone into the water intentionally.

However, your iPhone can easily endure accidents. That’s why ingress protection is there to make the phone safe.  An IP67 rating means your phone can stay 30 minutes underwater of height 1 meter. After 30 minutes, there is no guarantee of your iPhone.

So don’t even think of taking your iPhone with you to a beach or another place.  Apple Company does not even take water damages under its warranty. This means if your iPhone is having some issues because of any kind of liquid, the company will refuse to do any kind of favor to you.  So think again. Is the iPhone XR waterproof? 

How to protect iPhone XR from water damage?

Is the iPhone XR waterproof? Many people don’t really check on it. They surely later regret it. Don’t be like those people. Here are some tips that can help you to keep your iPhone safe from water. 

1. Don’t take it to the bathroom as your partner: 

Please don’t take your phone to your bathroom. While having a bath or loo, it’s not a great choice. The chances are very high that your phone will have to face splashes. Believe me. You will feel the cosmos in that duration. 

2. Keep your phone safe in bad weather: 

Before taking out your iPhone XR with you on a rainy day, be sure of this. Is the iPhone XR waterproof? If you are not sure how your phone would respond, clearly don’t take the risk. 

If there is an emergency going out in such conditions, always use a plastic cover or some waterproof cases for your iPhone. This will surely help you in such situations. 

3. Don’t be too much curious about the iPhone: 

Curiosity is a great thing but sometimes it ruins your favorite kinds of stuff. Remember this before opening any Apple device. Do you know how to put all that back in place? If you don’t please stop pretending to be an Apple tech expert.  Opening your device may lead to the destruction of your phone. 

4. Don’t try to take underwater selfies: 

Underwater selfies are now in fashion. However, you must not do it without any extra safety equipment. Professionals use extra cases for this type of shoot.  Before doing anything that can water damage your iPhone even by 1%, always ask yourself this question. Is the iPhone XR waterproof? 

Final thoughts:

Is the XR waterproof? It was not long ago when people used to dream about a phone completely resistant to water damage. Today this is possible. However, not completely.  Is the iPhone XR waterproof? That’s surely debatable. Salesmen will always try to convince you by the IP67 protection on iPhone XR.

However, this may not serve you as you think. What about other devices? Is the iPhone 12 waterproof? That’s for our next blog.   

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