Instagram: One of Most Popular Social Media Platform

Instagram is a social media platform. I am going to share the current Instagram features in detail so be with me till the end of the line.

Instagram: One of Most Popular Social Media Platform

“Forget Facebook and come on Instagram.” These were the exact words of my friend when I told her that I am tired of being on Facebook. It now seems boring.  It was about 3 years ago when I first knew about Instagram. One of my friends suggested that and I opened it. Truly I was not that interested in Instagram first but when I downloaded it and used it for about 3-5 days, I found it so similar yet very different at the same time.  I could see not the lengthy news, fake posts, and the same repetitive stuff but I could see people around me clicking and sharing photos and video in a very lively way. Yes, in those 3-5 days the first thing I noticed was that Instagram was more alive and more personal. It hit me then and in these three years with new features, Instagram has proved itself the best social media to date.  Instagram hit me so hard that I decided to go into the detailed history of this platform. Today I am going this with you all. As a bonus, I am also going to share the current Instagram features in detail so be with me till the end of the line.

Instagram History:

Kevin Systrom founded Instagram on 6th October 2010. In 2009, Kevin Systrom was associated with a company named Nextstop which was a recommendation start-up for travel. Systrom had no software background but he learned it during his working days and made a prototype of the present application. He named it ‘Burbn’.  In March 2010, Kevin went to a startup party where he met two venture capitalists named Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Hurwitz. They instantly became interested in the idea. They fixed a meeting for in detailed discussion and this is how Kevin started gaining funds for his project. He then left his job and focused fully on Burbn. Later he named it ‘Instagram’. He took the inspiration for this name from instant and telegram.  As I said earlier Instagram gained 25000 users in its day. In its first week, it got successful to gain 100,000 users. Till 2012 Instagram had a user base of approximately 27 million. In 2012 this was released for android. Also in the year, 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. This was done with one condition that Instagram will remain independent.  

How to make an Instagram account & Instagram Features:

People have been using Instagram since 2010 and it is still in the position of best social media platform due to its continuous updates and regularly updating new features for its users. Many users are now famous and have an influence like celebrities only because of its user-friendly UI and features.  Nowadays even many celebrities have started using its features as their promotion tool or self-branding tool. Let’s discuss some of its great features.

Setting up an Insta account: 

As we all know it is a photo and video-sharing social media platform. When you download it from the play store or apple store; you need to make a profile. To sign up you need to give your email address or phone number. You can also connect it with your Facebook. If you signed up with Facebook you will be prompted to your Facebook account.  Now you need to do a search for your friends. Even Instagram would recommend you some people to follow. You may know some of them or you may not. You can also some great pages of your choice of interest and can follow some great celebrities. After this, you will be able to get notifications whenever any of them would share Instagram photos and videos.

Instagram Features:

We are all in the technology era and we all know how a social media website works. You can post photos, videos, search for others, create content and other things, get likes and comments, and many more things but it really has some features that make it very unique among the other social media platforms.


IGTV is a very fantastic feature of this application. You can post your long videos in this section and they will be circulated among your friends and other users. We can say this platform took inspiration from YouTube but Instagram is no doubt deserves the praise it made through this feature. Users gave it a great response and it was and it is still a hit. 

Instagram Reels:

Reels are 15-60 seconds video which shows a quick presentation of anyone’s talent. It can be a dance video, a reaction video, a joke video, a stunt video extra. In fact, you can use your brain and you can make any kind of video with your own creativity and can attract a mass audience. When it was brought, it was an instant hit. Millions of started their stories and reels. In 2020 almost 500 million people were using this feature.

Instagram business account:

Instagram has given its users a very special feature called Business Model. Anyone who is a content creator or is running an online business can monitor their account on an advanced level.  You need to go to the settings of your Insta account. Tap account and switch it to the business model. After this, you will be able to track your views, your insights, and your dashboard to have a record of your performance. With all this, you can pay Instagram for promotions of your posts. You can also turn your favorite posts into ad posts for users. This can attract more people as the post would be highly relatable to the users.


The one feature that Instagram is famous for is its filters. When you are going to post a photo or video, you don’t need to care about editing. In my personal opinion, it has the best photo editor for a phone. It has almost 40 filters that can edit any photo like a miracle. It also has advanced editing options that give full control over editing a photo to its users.


So, this is all about Instagram. I hope you all have enjoyed this blog. A big thank you to all of you for being with me till here. I will be back very soon for new awesome blogs for all of you. Read also: Spotify No Internet Connection