HP Sprocket ink replacement: Printing Rocket

Is there a requirement for hp sprocket ink replacement? Do you want to know all about HP Sprocket Printer, then read the full article.

HP Sprocket ink replacement: Printing Rocket
hp sprocket ink replacement

Do you hate people sliding right or left on your mobile while you show a single pic? How often do you think of a way to show pics of a place visited, to others without this sliding issue? Here is a solution for you, the hp sprocket printer. The Sprocket is HP’s gift, in fact, a transportable instant printer. This helps in printing photographs from your mobile. Similarly, the catching point is that this printer prints inkless photos. You do not need a hp sprocket ink replacement for this printer. They are creating vaporwave pics or photos. However, you need the help of an IOS or Android mobile for printing on this.

Basics and specialities of HP Sprocket 

how does hp sprocket work? Let's start with the basics and specialities of the sprocket one by one:-

  • hp sprocket printer is a unique and portable printer.
  • This is a palm-sized printer. 
  • Likewise, it is very small and even fits in your pocket or a purse.
  • However, the printer can produce photos of 2” X 3” size.
  • A mobile or a tablet connecting the printer via Bluetooth produces these stickable prints in less than a minute.
  • The sprocket is rechargeable with the help of a micro USB.
  • Also, the printing is on zinc or HP photo paper.
  • In fact, hp sprocket ink replacement is not necessary for this printer.
  • Similarly, a sprocket can pull out photos from your camera roll, Instagram, or a Facebook account.
  • In fact, the pulling of these photos is an activity by the sprocket app.
  • Likewise, the app even gives the facility to edit the photos as you wish.

Technical Specs 

  • This palm-sized hp sprocket printer has a dimension of 116 x 75 x 23 mm.
  • The printer weighs 0.172 Kg.
  • Also, the connectivity of this printer is through Bluetooth and NFC tap to connect to mobile.
  • The printer management is via IOS or Android HP Sprocket app installed on mobile.
  • Similarly, the power supply of the printer is via two cell 500 mah Lithium polymer rechargeable battery of 7.4 V output.
  • A total of 35 printings on a fully charged battery.
  • It takes about 90 min for a full charge.
  • Its printing technology is Zink Zero Ink Printing, thereby, saving the printer from hp sprocket ink replacement.
  • The printer is executing thermal printing.
  • Supported printing paper is HP sprocket photo paper of size 2” X 3”.
  • In the same way, the printer also gives borderless printing.
  • Similarly, the printer supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF file formats.
  • The paper tray capacity is 10 sheets of photo paper.
  • Its memory is up to 512 MB.
  • However, the print quality of the printer is 313 X 400 dpi.
  • The print speed is 40 sec.
  • Indeed, the printer supports only the mobile OS of Android 4.4 and later, and iOS 10.0.2 and later.
  • The sprocket printer comes with a limited hardware warranty of 12 months.

Zinc or HP photo paper 

Many questions are running in minds of people. does the hp sprocket need ink? Does the printer have hp sprocket ink cartridges? Is there a requirement for hp sprocket ink replacement? The answer is a big no. Special technology is at use in printing rather than hp sprocket ink.

  • The technology is Zink Zero Ink Technology.
  • For printing, instead of ink, colours are present in HP zinc photo paper.
  • These zinc crystals show specific colours when heat touches the photo paper.
  •  These papers are having several layers.
  • As a result, the heat, pulse, and intensity from the printer result in colour changes.
  • The speciality of these sprocket photo papers are:-
  1. Bright
  2. Glossy
  3. Smudge-proof
  4. Water-resistant
  5. Tear-resistant
  6. Turns to sticker while peeling off the back of photo paper.

Cost of sprocket and photo paper 

What is the cost of an HP sprocket printer and HP photo papers? Is a hp sprocket printer price affordable? 

  • Coming in different colours the hp sprocket printer cost varies from $100 to $130 as per edition.
  • However, on the purchase of the printer, you get 10 sheets of HP photo paper for free.
  • These photo papers overcome the high cost of hp sprocket ink replacement as in normal photo printers.
  • Likewise, 50 HP photo papers cost approximately $25.

The Sprocket APP 

  • The sprocket app is available in both IOS and Android.
  • Photos are directly printed from your mobile by connecting sprocket with the app using Bluetooth.
  • The app centers and positions the photo by default.
  • Similarly, the app also provides several image filters, stickers, and borders if you wish to add them.
  • The app helps in connecting multiple phones to the sprocket for printing and will keep printing in a queue as per the printing instruction given.
  • It also provides an option for printing one-fourth of the photo thereby, printing a photo in four parts and get an enlarged photo.
  • As a result, hp sprocket ink replacement is not necessary for printing as its printing is on HP photo papers using the help of the sprocket app.

Pros and Cons of Hp Sprocket printer 


  • Easy setup.
  • Quick photo prints.
  • Crisp and good colour
  • Similarly, tension-free inkless printing as there is no fear of hp sprocket ink replacement and hp sprocket ink cartridges change.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Small, portable, and palm-sized.
  • Print speeds are fast.
  • Ease in use and print straight from the phone.
  • Sprocket app provides image editing tools.
  • Easy integration with Instagram, FB, and Flickr.


  • Only 10 sheets of paper capacity in the paper tray.
  • However, print quality is not so good.
  • Image quality needs more improvement.
  • Limited to 2” X 3” photos.
  • Can have connections only with mobile.
  • However, the printer cannot have connections with a computer or a camera.
  • The printer does not support Wi-Fi.
  • Zinc papers are quite expensive.

Winding Up

The hp sprocket printer can be fun at parties as everyone can take photos on mobile and print them to take home. The sprocket printer is an essential treat. There is no tension of hp sprocket ink replacement due to thermal printing on zinc paper. It also gives a better interface for finding photos for printing. All our digital pics on a smartphone, social media sites, etc can unlock funnily and easily using these printers. Read More: How to change country on Spotify in simple steps