How to Set Up Dynamic Island in iPhone 14 pro?

Tabrez Ahemad

How to Set Up Dynamic Island

Are you trying to make your iPhone 14 more exciting? Look nowhere else! We’ll guide you on how to set up dynamic island on your device in this blog post. By following our step-by-step instructions, you can create an immersive environment that will keep you entertained for hours. We have you covered whether you’re a first-time iOS user or an expert. Get ready to add a dynamic island to your iPhone 14!

In its new iPhone 14 series, Apple has enhanced its notch to an advanced level. The notch housing the camera has evolved into something bigger. It acts as a knowledge core showing all the key alerts. The dynamic island can display all the essential background and active tasks.

What is Dynamic Island?

The design of the iPhone 14 pro is a revolutionary one. It is an excellent example of gradual design evolution and making design decisions. One design resolution of the iPhone 14 pro that gets a lot of media attention is Dynamic island. It is a restoration for the notch that Apple exposed in 2017. The Shape of Dynamic Island is pill-shaped. It can Change shape and size according to display alerts.

It is now noted that the 2020 notch was one thing Apple was not proud of. The Mobile Industry was ready to enlarge the available screen space and hide all needless elements. iPhone was one of the last devices that had a notch. The company even attempted to hide a notch in the Promo materials and packaging. On the other hand, Dynamic Island is intended for new design decisions. 

Benefits of Dynamic Island:

  • Better Visibility of Ongoing activities and alerts:

Dynamic Island exposes a new layer to the UI that helps users get appropriate Updates without replacing the context.

  • Excellent motion language: 

A collection of transitions that Apple determined amid the iPhone 14 pro appearance was magnificent. It is one of the best motion languages made recently. It has a chance to make an excellent impression on first impressions.

  • It Doesn’t Eat the Screen Space: 

The full-screen mode always hides a secret space behind the notch. In a normal phone, it is impossible to see the hidden screen as the notch is a physical constant. However, the liquid or the flexible, dynamic island offers you to see more. The notch here can adjust its size according to your needs. It offers you to see more.

Demerits of the Dynamic Island:

  • Hard to Reach:

Dynamic Island is an interactive feature and work according to your need. However, it is situated in a hard-to-reach area that needs you to move your fingers carefully. Users may have to change their way of operating a phone. 

  • The front camera will Gain Countless Fingerprints:  

A front camera is a sensitive place. Touching it frequently will decrease its quality. The Dynamic Island, as it works around the front camera, will smudge the camera with many fingerprints. It will result in blurred images and low-quality videos in the long run. 

How to set up Dynamic Island?

Setting up a Dynamic Island on your phone is extremely easy. Here are a few steps to learn how to set up Dynamic Island. 

  • Step-1: Apple pay:

Once you purchase Apple Pay, the dynamic Island app shows a swirling green picture to indicate Face ID authentication, where you have to double-check the side button to verify the transaction and when the system recognizes the face and the transaction is complete. The picture turns into a green smiley face.

  • Step-2: AirDrop Transfer:

AirDrop transfer is another excellent way to use Dynamic Island. It is working on using Dynamic Island as an optical status indicator. Because once the items are shared with you, the AirDrop status indicator pops up once the files are conveyed completely. 

  • Step-3: Timer Set:

Another step is to set a timer through Dynamic Island. You can do it by launching the clock app and setting it. It up as the Island component show the countdown in minutes, where you enlarge the info by pushing down the display.

Step-4: Apple Maps:

You can also return to the home screen while guiding Apple maps and see the turn-by-turn administration via Dynamic Island. All you need to do is to push the down display to show the next turn with a preference to end the route.


Above, we discussed Dynamic Island features, its need, and how to set it up on your phone. Dynamic Island will revolutionize the product design world. It will change how we think about physical compulsion. I think not. Dynamic Island is a temporary explanation for Apple’s current problem. And the company will likely get rid of it in the following form the iPhone.

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