How to Play Lineage W on PC?

Lineage W is a game that engages you in a world of dark fantasy. It presents rich 3D graphics, and there will be a battle system here. The battle system is for players to succeed in the originality from the Lineage IP. Lineage W is rich with an immersive deep storyline, and there will be diverse narratives on it as the highlights of the game. Lineage W is a game that was specially created for the global market. The intend of the game was to create a community of global battles. Here, players from multiple countries will cooperate, and they all compete within a single server. It also supports AI translation, which will activate real-time communication among the players who are using different languages. The AI technology here uses a voice-to-text function, and it converts the players’ speeches into text with the language they want. Lineage W is a cross-platform supporting game for mobiles and PC. It is done by the cross-play service of NCSOFT called PURPLE. There may be some other plans with Nexon since they are revealing details for cross-playing within consoles. Those include the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 5. Now the game was released globally on 4/11/2021 for Android and iOS.

How to play Lineage W on PC?

As you saw earlier, this game supports cross-platform playing, and it does not necessarily need to have another support to play it on a PC. Why would you play Lineage W on a PC? The real reason is you are getting the authentic gaming experience you want by playing it on a PC rather than a mobile. Mobile phones only have a small screen for the entire game scene, and you have to use its touch set to control the battles. So instead of the mobile, if you can play the game on a PC. It gives you a bigger screen to show the real gaming experience, and it supports you for the game controls with a keyboard. And there is a mouse too. So if this game has a PC cross-platform supporting version, why would we need an emulator to play it? As we all know, we usually can’t play mobiles games from our PC as these mobile apps are running only on its android operating system. So we use emulators to overcome this matter. It allows you to run mobile apps or games on your PC without getting in trouble. Although the Lineage W has a PC version released, it will not have the added features that an emulator offers you to ease the game. There are many emulators to play mobile games on a desktop-like LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, Bluestacks, etc. From these all, you can use LDPlayer to maximize your gaming experience since it has numerous features and benefits to offer you for gameplay as follows.

About the Game

  • LDPlayer has many advanced features to make someone’s gaming experience better, like the Multi-Instance Sync feature. This feature lets the gamers have multiple instances from the game simultaneously, so it will be great to use on rerolling.
  • Even though, LDPlayer is letting all users create their own key sets. There is no need to use the default key settings, as this emulator enables you to place your favorite keys in-game controls and make your own game key controls to ease the game. This feature is being helpful for the combats of the game. When you get your most familiar key set as the game’s controls, it will make a chance to perform better through all the combats, and a victory will assure here.
  • CPU, memory, RAM, and GPS are adjustable with LDPlayer so that you will have easy customizations on it for the game
  • There will be the best graphic options with LDPlayer to give a maximum gaming experience for the players. If the game is lagging or facing some trouble playing, you can reduce the graphic resolutions on it so your PC will perform better with its adjustable graphics. So this LDPlayer will give you a chance to play mobile games even it is not compatible with your device along with the smoothest customizations.

How to Play this Lineage W with LDPlayer?

To experience these best features to advance your gameplay, you can play Lineage W on your PC with some easy steps as follows.

  • Download the LDPlayer and install it into your device
  • Search Lineage W from its LD Store
  • After finding the game, download it and install it to your PC through LDPlayer
  • Enjoy the game with the best features from LDPlayer

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