10 Ninja Tricks How to Not Lose Airpods

Nowadays how to not lose AirPods. It is a part of our entertainment life. And also maintain our fashion. So we must keep our Airpods.

10 Ninja Tricks How to Not Lose Airpods
How to Not Lose Airpods

AirPods are wireless headphones that have been designed to make listening to music easier than ever before. how to not lose AirPods are the first truly wireless earbuds that allow you to listen to music without having to worry about tangling cords or wires. They were introduced in 2016 by Apple Inc., and they are now widely popular among consumers.

The AirPods are equipped with a battery that lasts for 6 hours on a single charge, and they can be recharged using the included charging case. The AirPods are compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices, and they are available in three different colors: black, white, and space grey. Now it is a more necessary part of our daily life.

How to not lose AirPods?

Here are some ninja tricks on how to not lose AirPods that you should check:

1. Store your AirPods in their case whenever you’re not using them

Do this whenever you take them out of your ears and don't plan on putting them back in your ears anytime soon. Keeping track of the case will be easier than with 2 small individual headphones.

2. Put the AirPod case inside a keychain case sleeve and attach it to your keys

Buy a protective keychain case, such as a silicone case, designed for the AirPods charging case. Slide the charging case inside the pocket and clip it onto your key ring so it's hard to lose. Keeping inside in a keychain is a very useful trick how to not lose airpods.

  • You can also mount the key holder elsewhere, such as on your belt loop or on your backpack, or on any other pocket if you like.

3. Attach the Bluetooth tracker to the case so it's easy to find if you lose it.

Get a Bluetooth tracking chip and use double-sided tape to stick it on the back of the AirPods charging case. Download the tracking chip app on your phone and connect it, then use it to find your AirPods if you misplace them.

  • Many keychain cases for AirPods charging cases also have a slot for a Bluetooth tracking chip. You can use both a key fob and a Bluetooth tracker to make it harder for you to lose your AirPods and even make it easier to find your keys when the battery runs out!
  • Tile is an example of a reliable Bluetooth tracking chip.

4. Keep your AirPods in the same place at home and when you take them out.

Always put your AirPods, inside their carrying case, in the same place at home, such as a keychain, shelf, drawer, or somewhere on your desk. Put your AirPods in the same pocket of your bag or jacket when you take them out.

  • This routine makes it easy to find AirPods whenever you want. For example, if you know they're always in the keychain by the front door, you can grab them when you're out and about and tuck them into a designated pocket in your purse or backpack.

5. Don't overuse them

While using AirPods daily is great, overdoing it can actually kill their batteries quicker. According to Macworld, wearing the AirPods every day for less than seven hours a day will cause them to die much sooner than expected. Even if you wear them for several hours each day, just make sure to change them out halfway through.

Best ways to not lose your AirPods

  • Turn off AirPods

If you have lost your AirPods, turn them off first before doing anything else. If they are still connected to your iPhone, then disconnecting them should help prevent any damage. You can also try removing the battery if it's possible.

  • Remove the Case

Once you've removed the case, you'll want to remove the earbuds themselves. You can do this by pulling out the cord that connects the two halves together. Once you've done that, you can use tweezers to pull the buds out of their housing.

  • Clean the Buds

Now that you've got the buds out of their case, you'll need to clean them. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the buds. Make sure to get inside the bud holes and around the area where the buds connect to the phone. After you finish cleaning, let the buds dry completely before putting them back in your ears.

  • Reinsert the Earbuds

You'll now want to reinsert the buds into your ears. To do this, make sure to push the buds back into the holes in your ear canal. Try not to force them in; instead, gently insert them until they click into place.

  • Charge Your Phone

After you've put the buds back in your ears, you'll want to charge your phone. Plugging it into a charger will ensure that your AirPods stay charged while you sleep.

Ways how to not lose airpods by personal care

1. Don't leave them in your pocket

If you're going to take your AirPods out of your pocket, make sure they're fully charge first. Leaving them in your pocket while charging could cause them to overheat and damage the battery.

2. Keep them away from water

AirPods are sensitive devices that should never be submerged under water. If you accidentally drop your AirPods in the toilet or sink, don't worry -- just dry them off immediately.

3. Use a case

The AirPods case is designed to protect your device from scratches, bumps, and drops. At all times, make sure to keep it closed. It is also one of the useful tricks how to not lose airpods.

4. Charge them overnight

Charging your AirPods overnight ensures that they'll be ready to go when you wake up.

5. Turn them off and back on again

When you turn off your AirPods, they'll stop listening to music and start recharging. When you turn them back on, they'll resume playing music.

6. Put them in a safe place

If you have kids around, put your AirPods somewhere where they won't get damage. You can use a hard plastic container or even a shoe box.

7. Clean them regularly

To clean your AirPods, simply run a soft toothbrush along their sides.


Nowadays how to not lose AirPods. It is a part of our entertainment life. And also maintain our fashion. So we must keep our Airpods not losing.