How to Connect ps4 to Hotel wifi in 2023

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how to connect ps4 to hotel wifi

PS4 owners who are in love with their consoles will take them on vacation to play a few games in between sightseeing. However, if you stay at a hotel, your experience may be quite different. You may not be able to use it in the same manner as you do at home, depending on where you are staying. Connecting your PlayStation to the hotel WIFI may necessitate using different settings and present several challenges. Here you can learn how to connect ps4 to hotel wifi.

Ways to learn how to connect ps4 to hotel WIFI?

Despite everything, keep your cool. When trying to utilize your PS4 in a hotel room, you can encounter some difficulties. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Learn how to connect a PS4 to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network so you can get back to playing as soon as possible.

The ability to play games on the go with your PlayStation 4 is an excellent method to make your journey more pleasurable. To learn more about how to connect ps4 to hotel WIFI by following methods:

How to connect to hotel wifi on ps4:

If you checked in using contactless technology, your smartphone might not have been able to connect to the in-room entertainment system or WiFi. This video provides a step-by-step guide to connect ps4 to hotel wifi for visual learners.

Before reading the detailed instructions, make sure your guest’s WIFI password is ready and that the property’s Wii is operational. Then, demonstrate these instructions to learn how to connect to hotel wifi on ps4.

Step 1: Play PlayStation 4 on the hotel TV by connecting it to the HDMI port.

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu. To access the Toolbox, press the X key.

Step 3: Using the Toolbox, select Network.

Step 4: Select “Connect to the Internet”

Step 5: To take advantage of WiFi, select this option.

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How to connect a PlayStation to hotel wifi?

Look for the WiFi network’s name and select it if you’re at a hotel. The PlayStation will then begin trying to connect and will ask for a password. Once you’ve connected to the internet, the settings will be saved.

By following lines, you can learn how to connect PlayStation to hotel Wi-Fi:

1: By clicking the Test Internet Connection button, you can see if the connection is working.

2: After an unsuccessful connection, click the Details option, and you’ll be prompted to enter the network’s login details.

3: You can get to “Suggested actions” by clicking this option. The security of the page can’t be confirmed, so if it advises you to click “Yes” and move on, do so.

4: To access the free WiFi at your hotel, you’ll need to check in with your hotel’s username and password. Once you’ve entered your property’s WiFi password, press the “Connect” button.

5: To return to the network screen on your PS4, press the back button. Check the internet connection once more to check if the changes you made were successful.

Ps4 won’t connect to hotel wifi:

Learn how to connect ps4 to the hotel wifi, and it’s possible to connect to a Wi-Fi network indirectly if your ps4 won’t connect to the hotel wifi directly utilizing the preceding instructions.

Use Your Laptop to Send Internet Signal to Others:

Try connecting your laptop to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network if you have a Windows 10 computer. If this is the case, you can use the ‘Share Internet Connection’ option in your Wi-Fi settings to distribute the laptop’s internet connection.

Using a Mobile Hotspot is an excellent option:

Switch on the mobile hotspot option on your phone and connect the PS4 to the hotspot signal provided by the hotel’s Wi-Fi. If you think it’s worth it, you can even utilize your mobile data as a backup.

A Travel Router Can Be a Great Gaming Tool:

To get the hotel’s Wi-Fi signal, you’ll need a travel gaming router. You may use your PS4 to receive the signal and use it for gameplay. A PS4 can be easily connected to hotel Wi-Fi by following the outlined procedures, even though they appear to be a lengthy process on paper.

Unless there is a major problem with the TV, you’re PlayStation 4, or the Wi-Fi network.

How to connect ps5 to hotel wifi?

You can connect your PlayStation 5 to your hotel room’s Wi-Fi by first connecting it to the TV in your room and turning it on. By following step by step guide to learn how to connect ps5 to hotel wifi:

1: Go to the settings on your controller.

2: Press X to select the toolbox icon.

3: From the drop-down menu, select “Network.”

4: “Configure your internet connection” will appear.

5: A page stating “Cannot connect to this network” will appear if you select the hotel Wi-Fi username.

6: Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to your PS5’s wireless network after selecting ‘How to Authenticate’. Instead of typing in “PS5-123,” try something like that.

7: Afterwards, enter the hotel Wi-Fi password and click ‘Connect’ to begin your session.

8: The message ‘Sign in to Wi-Fi network’ will appear on your screen.

9: When this is done, the hotel’s Wi-Fi network will be accessible; all you have to do is type in the password.

10: On your console, you should see “Connected” next to the name of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.


These techniques may be useful in this instance as long as you can share an internet signal using your mobile, laptop, or a separate travel router. You may not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network even if you complete the procedures outlined in this article.

To join a new Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to authenticate it using your phone. With the help of the above discussion, you can learn how to connect ps4 to hotel Wi-Fi.


Is Online Gaming Banned in Hotels? 

URLs may be prohibited in public places like hotels, but you can still access websites using their IP addresses. If you’re curious about who has access to your domain, type ping and press enter.

What should I do if Wi-Fi not working?

Don’t be surprised if the hotel Wi-Fi doesn’t work the first time around or if the connection is slower than you’re used to because so many others are attempting to connect at the same time.

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