Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS- TRICK to Getting Over It

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harpie bug swarm osrs

Rune Scape 3 is a world-famous game in the genre of MMORPG. It is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Run Scape 3 was developed and published by Jagex and was first released in January 2001. This article is about harpie bug swarm osrs. Run Escape 3 was initially built with Java Programming language, but in 2016, it was developed with C++ only. In this, you go through many trouble and try to escape or fight them.

Payers often face one obstacle in this game: Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS. Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS is an obstacle generally shown as a swarm of bugs in the game. It was put into the game in the 30th January 2006 update. As Run Scape 3 has world record players, many don’t know how to tackle this obstacle. Yet, as far as I know, you can escape it with quite some intelligent moves.

What is Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS?

The Harpie bug swarm is a famous obstacle in the Run Scape game. The Harpie bug swarm generally moves in a random direction in the game. It’s tough to escape them or kill them. It is shown as a swarm of bugs in the game. As all the characters have their strength and weaknesses in the game, Harpie Bug Swarm also has a specific power. According to its combat info following are its characteristics:

  1. It can hit you a maximum of 6 times.
  2. It is an aggressive object in the game.
  3. And is not poisonous, but it can affect your speed.
  4. It works on the crushing style of attacking.
  5. It attacks the players every 24 seconds. According to game information, its speed is level 4.
  6. Its respawn time is 15 seconds.

Why is Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS not easy to kill?

Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS is a medium-level slayer monster. It is not easy to kill or destroy a new player. The Harpie bug swarm has a slayer level of 33 and is dangerous as it has an excellent crushing attack for its opponent. Only players with a slayer level of 33 or above can beat Harpie bug swarm OSRS monsters. For a medium-level player, Harpie Bug Swarm is a relatively easy task. Till you reach a combat level of 93, these Harpie Bug Swarm keeps their aggressive move on and attacks you within 24 seconds of the period.

This Harpie Bug Swarms OSRS attacks very accurately and fast; you may find it challenging to face them. They often have up to 6 hit points. Hence they can be dangerous. So you are advised to keep your defenses high, up to 40-50+. Here note that Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS is not immune to Poison, Venom, Cannons, and Thralls. While fighting with these, you can use these attacks to kill those. For all these equipment and skills, you must achieve your slayer level 33.

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Locations for Harpie Bug Swarms RS3:

Harpie Bug Swarms RS3 is a 33-slayer-level monster. This OSRS Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS is not difficult to kill if you have also achieved slayer level 33 or higher combat. These insectoid monsters are generally found in Jorge Dungeon.

Harpie bug swarms are generally found near Karajma General Store. So while playing, buying food and other stuff from there is possible. Also, you can sell your drops there. Also, if you want to use a bank, TzHaar city has one located beneath Karamja Volcano.

How you can kill Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS: 

Killing a Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS is not that difficult. You are assigned to kill it as your slayer task when you reach level 33. Sometimes before that also, you can be assigned. When you face it, you must have an Oil Lamp OSRS to fire making and Lit Lantern. This requires slayer level 33 of combat. Players often kill Harpie Bug swam for the drops.

They are comparatively straightforward to kill the cause of their weak defenses. This Harpie bug swarm is a good source of medium clue scrolls. Equip your Lit bug lantern with a dragon mace, and then your special attacks will surely crush the head of the swarm. However, using magic on them will not affect them as they are naturally resistant to magic.

You can also easily use canon on them if you want to mage or range Harpie Bug Swarm from the eastern side of the stream. You will surely be safe from them as they can’t go far inside the stream area. Another place where you can make or range them is north of the brown bridge. It is also a restricted place for them; they can’t enter it. These are Harpie Bug Swarm osrs safe spots for you. Drops you will get from Harpie Bug Swarm RS3:

These are some drops you will get after killing Harpie Bug Swarm OSRS. 

Main Drops:

  • Small plated steel salvage- 1223
  • Tiny-bladed steel salvage- 759
  • The staff of fire- 1943
  • Medium-plated mithril salvage- 2794
  • Tiny plated adamant salvage- 1481
  • Tiny plated steel salvage-729
  • Black two h sword- 3549
  • Coins- 30-1000
  • Goldstone spirit- 105
  • Coal stone spirit- 15
  • Jug of wine- 71

Rare Drops:

  • Uncut Sapphire
  • Uncut Ruby
  •  Emerald
  • Uncut Diamond
  • Loop half of a key
  • Tooth half of a key
  • Uncut Dragon stone
  • Dragon Long sword
  • Off-hand dragon long sword
  • Dragon spear
  • Battle staff
  • Rune Javelin
  • Huge plated rune salvage
  • Shield Left Half
  • Dragon helm
  • Rune Arrowheads
  • Onyx bolts
  • Walter talisman
  • Earth talisman
  • Raw shark
  • Raw lobster
  • Big bones
  • Dragon bones
  • Drakolith stone spirit
  • Nitrite Stone Spirit


This was all about harpie bug swarm osrs. With the help of this article, you will have learned a lot of information about the topic.

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