Best Flash Drive for iPhone in 2022

Designed to be the perfect companion for your iPhone. Flash Drive for iphone offers an easy way to free up space on your iPhone.

Best Flash Drive for iPhone in 2022
flash drive for iphone

Flash drive for iPhone can hold a lot of data and transfer it between computers swiftly and easily. The reliability of wireless communication is questionable at best. It's as reliable as it gets if you use a USB device. A flash drive is the best option if you need to have many files on hand or if you need to transfer them from one computer to another fast and securely. Flash drives have a lot going for them regarding size, cost, and portability. Let us discuss flash drive for iPhone.

The best flash drive for iPhone:

When moving between work and home, installing software on several computers, or distributing any files, a backpack full of the lightning flash drive is a cost-effective method to get the job done quickly and easily. Even the best external hard drives can't compete with flash drives regarding speed and portability. Following are the best flash drives for iPhone:

SanDisk Extreme Pro:

The USB 3.1 port and 128-bit encryption make this a professional-grade storage device. Due to its iPhone external storage space and read/write speeds. You're receiving three times the speed of USB 3.0 at 420/380 MB/s read/write. A single lightning flash drive and a keychain loop make this a convenient travel companion. 


  • A well-thought-out concept
  • Up to a maximum of 256 GB
  • File encryption is included.


Variability in reading rates Read also: Walmart iPods

SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive:

It is a fantastic option if you have many PCs with different types of USB connections or if you frequently transfer data between your computer and Android phone. An acceptable moniker for the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is "Ultra Dual" because it can be used with USB-A and USB-C plugs. We appreciate the fact that the data ports may be retracted into the drive's body, reducing the chance of damage.


  • USB Type-A and UYSB-C are supported
  • Affordability


  • Slow-moving cars

Flash drive from Samsung:

Flash drives don't have to be cumbersome dongles anymore, and the Samsung Fit 32GB flash drive is living proof of that. A few millimeters separate the Fit from its USB-A shell, which is hardly larger than the Fit itself. That small size, however, also makes it easy to lose. Because of this, our reviewer suggests using a lanyard. Read and write rates of 200 and 60 megabytes per second are still impressive. This one is also best for iPhone external storage.


  • Astonishingly tiny dimensions
  • Incredibly fast data transfer


  • To keep track of it, you may need a lanyard.

Flash Drive from Silicon Power C80:

A USB-A or USB-C adapter may be required depending on the model of the Macbook you own. Both may be found on this USB flash drive, which you can find below. In addition, the zinc alloy style makes it a fantastic companion for your Macbook. However, Silicon Power does not disclose the read and write speeds of this USB 3.2 flash drive, which is disappointing. In addition, the 64GB storage limit is a disappointment. However, the drive's ring design is attractive, and it can be attached to a keychain or lanyard with ease.


  • Rings in this style are beautiful.
  • Low cost
  • Protecting USB connectors


  • Maximum storage is limited to 64GB.

Data storage device from Kingston:

Flash drive security has become a thriving industry, and it's easy to see why. When you have a flash drive in your hands, you may immediately access the data stored. Fingerprint readers and on-board keypads are both common features on flash drives. The Kingston Data Traveler Vault has built-in AES 256-bit encryption and anti-virus protection, making it the best option for travelers. With a managed version of Safe Console that includes additional management capabilities, this higher level of security can be bolstered even more. 


  • Encryption is built-in.
  • Antivirus software safeguards
  • Compliant with TAA


  • It's taking a long time to transfer files

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth Flash Drive:

Not having a flash drive when you need one to live 200 meters underwater, the robust USB drive market may be small, but it does exist. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth flash drives are meant for campers, construction workers, and first responders, among other things. A flash drive that is as tough as possible would be useful to everyone. The drive has an EPDM seal and is sealed with an all-aluminum construction.  This one is also best from a flash drive for iPhone.


  • Built to last
  • Waterproof


  • Hard to connect

iPhone flashes drive Features to look at:


To get the most out of a USB 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 flash drive, make sure it features USB 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 technologies.


Your regular flash drive isn't going to cut it if you're transferring highly sensitive data. Get a USB flash drive with a numerical touchpad to protect your files. Get one that demands a fingerprint instead.


The capacity of an iPhone flash drive is the single most important factor in determining its final cost. So when you buy a flash drive, think about how much money you're willing to spend and how much storage space you'll need, as well as what kinds of information you'll be transferred through a flash drive for iPhone.


The SanDisk Extreme Pro is a top pick because of its overall quality. For a USB drive, it's the perfect combination of style, storage, and cost. Additionally, you'll benefit from fast data transmission rates and a sleek, polished appearance. For the rest of its features, we recommend the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 because of its low cost per gigabyte from a flash drive for iPhone. Because of Kingston's strong construction, it should last for many years.


Is an external hard drive or an iPhone USB drive a better storage option? Check out our best iPhone USB drive selection if you're searching for a lot of capacity, quick transfer speeds, and don't mind a huge form factor and a higher price.  Are USB flash drives good for long-term data storage? Flash drives are among the least stable storage mediums, and they are primarily intended for data transit rather than long-term storage. Traditional HDDs are the greatest option for long-term backup. How to use a photo stick for iPhone? The photo stick for iPhone and iPad can use with Mac and PCs without any issues. Read further: Cyberpunk Max Level