Duplicate Gmail Drafts: Digital Massive Changes

There are mainly two easy ways to create duplicate Gmail drafts. If you want know about the two easy ways read the full article.

Duplicate Gmail Drafts: Digital Massive Changes
duplicate gmail drafts

It is an era of digital technology. There are a lot of digital tools to communicate on digital devices, the internet, and other technologies. Many massive changes are there in this digital world. One among them is multiple emails in Gmail. There are many methods to duplicate Gmail drafts. 

1. Gmail canned responses.

  • If you want to send any particular message to many addresses but separately, this is an easy solution to duplicate Gmail drafts.
  • Just by pasting a new email address every time you can quickly send it one by one.
  • Creating multiple copies of drafts becomes much easier. 
  • At first, when you compose a new email message it is autosaved to draft.
  • Also, it automatically moves to the sent folder when despatching the email.
  • Therefore, you can only create multiple drafts in Gmail by saving the same messages repeatedly.
  • So, to duplicate Gmail drafts you need to just click the ‘compose’ button, and paste the message

2. Authorize a google script.

  • If you don’t know how to copy Gmail emails, it is better to authorize a google script.
  • First, select a draft that you need.
  • After that, set the number of Gmail duplicate emails you need to make for it.
  • And, copied drafts include the text, subject line, and attachments automatically.
  • This is very effective when you want to send the same email to multiple addresses and don’t want to carbon copy them.

Do you want to clone an email?

It is as simple as clicking a button to email clone or duplicate an email. And also, email cloning Gmail is useful for retaining email elements that are repetitive such as banner images, copy, or other content.

Simple steps for easy email clone

  • At first, a sheep icon helps to represent the clone button.
  • So, for email cloning, you need to click the sheep icon first.
  • Secondly, to name the new mail, an editor will pop. 
  • As a result, the page will redirect to the new email editor after the email clone.

Checklist for email cloning

  • First of all, you have to ensure email sender information. You have to change the subject line of your new email.
  • Most probably, the sender’s name sender email address remains the same.
  • So, it is always good practice to double-check to ensure all information is correct.
  • Secondly, you can swap out any creative assets like banner images if necessary.
  • Thirdly, make changes in the body of the mail and event details if necessary.
  • Also, if you want to update a hyperlink to a different URL, make sure that you unlink the hyperlink text.
  • And, later relink the text to the new URL.
  • Therefore, you will be able to ensure no residual is still hyperlink to the text.
  • Just unlink the unsubscribe text, again click the re-link button to hyperlink the text, if your footer needs an unsubscribe link.

Effective tips to manage multiple emails in Gmail

  • First of all, if you have multiple email accounts and want to consolidate them, make use of multiple inboxes.
  • Secondly, it helps people to prioritize certain daily tasks or individuals.
  • It is great to create inboxes that do immediately,  follow- up, or can wait until later.
  • Also, you can create inboxes for an email from certain people, such as your manager or an important customer.
  • And also, it is possible to manage email from different accounts.
  • At first, you should click “settings”.
  • Make use of the option, “Multiple Inboxes” that is present below “Inbox Type”.
  • At first, click “settings” to create and customize inboxes.
  • Then click “inbox” at the top.
  • Make use of the option, “Multiple inboxes” which is present next to “inbox type”
  • Later define your inbox with a filter under “search query”.
  • To enter a name for each inbox, enter a name under “section name”.
  • Also, if you want to change the position of the additional inboxes, just select a position next to “multiple inbox position”.
  • Finally, you can make changes by clicking “save changes”.
  • Make sure that you add the correct label when you compose an email.
  • So that your email and the reply automatically go to the correct inbox.
  • First, use the “compose” button to add a label to an email.
  • Later, click “Label” and select an existing label.
  • Finally, click “apply”
  • And, if the label you need doesn’t exist just click “create new”.
  • Later, add a label name in the “new label” window.
  • Ultimately, click “send’ when it is ready to mail.

There are mainly two easy ways to create duplicate Gmail drafts. You can choose Mail Merge for Gmail or if you are in search of a much simpler option use the Duplicate Draft feature available inside Email Studio.

  • First, open your Gmail inbox. Then compose a new email message. Later save it as a draft.
  • Also, you can attach files, images, and other relevant content.
  • Secondly, go to email studio authorize the application to access your Gmail account.
  • As a result, the app will read your Gmail drafts and create copies inside your Gmail account.
  • Finally, click the Draft Copier section.
  • To duplicate Gmail drafts you can make use of the Gmail clone tool.
  • Because it works both on desktop and mobile.
  • If you make use of duplicate Gmail drafts, you can save time.
  • To explore a smarter, safer, and sustainable future in mobility, make use of the duplicate Gmail drafts technique.
  • Ultimately, duplicate Gmail drafts make it easier to stay on top of the work that matters.


Suppose, if you want to compose a draft mail in Gmail and you have to send the same message to many people, but separately. Here, the subject, the email body, the attachments are common. But the only thing that differs between each message is the recipient’s email address. At this point, how to copy Gmail email is very relevant.  Read more: Marantz nr1608 review: Dolby Atmos AV Receiver