hidden wireless microphones

Best Hidden Wireless Microphones of 2023

Tabrez Ahemad

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to record audio without anybody hearing? Or maybe you’re ...

LG v30 removable battery

LG v30 Removable Battery: How to Replace Battery?

Tabrez Ahemad

LG v30 removable battery includes a non-removable battery of 3,300 mAh (12,7Wh), which is just a bit larger than the V20’s ...

fitbit blaze battery life

How to Increase Fitbit Blaze Battery Life


For the smartwatch with a color display, Fitbit claims the blaze has five-day battery life. Fitbit claims that the Blaze ...

webcam stand

Webcam Stand- A Must Have Gadget in 2023

Tabrez Ahemad

Webcams and webcam stand are an integral part of our lives since Covid-19. In the usage of the webcam in ...

Bone Conduction Headphones nz

Bone Conduction Headphones

Tabrez Ahemad

Instead of traditional audio transmission methods, bone conduction headphones NZ use vibrations transmitted through bones to stimulate the inner ear. ...

36 inch tv

Is It Still Worth Buying a 36 inch TV in 2023?

Tabrez Ahemad

Happy new year to all of you. New Year has always been a time of celebration. But as we all ...