Best Android File Host Free Service in 2021

Android File Host is a free file hosting solution for developers. It allows android developers to share their developed files with other users. 

Best Android File Host Free Service in 2021
Best Android File Host Free Service in 2021

Uploading your files in a cloud was a great step in the IT sector. This step made people free from the limitation of storage space at once. After the invention of cloud storage, now one user has the power to upload or download any file without the use of any kind of connectivity with the other cell phone.  Now you don’t need a pen drive or Bluetooth or other connections with other cellphones to download the files. You can use it anywhere in the world with just a broadband connection and a device that can access the file hosting service website. From the day file services has established, numerous companies have been working in the IT service market and most of them are really working hard to achieve good results.  Android File Host is also such a company that has been emerging from the ashes and creating its own market value. And here is the reason why it is growing at such a good pace.

What are File Hosting Services?

As per the definition file hosting services or cloud services or online file storage provider or cyberlocker is an internet hosting service specially designed to host user files.  It allows users to upload files that could be accessed over the internet after a user name and password or another authentication is provided. With the updated security system, file hosting is one of the safest and secure ways to keep your valuable & confidential files.

Android File Host:

Android File Host is a free file hosting solution for developers. Technically it is similar to any other file hosting website but it allows android developers to share their developed files with other users.  As the name is clear, the Android file host does not allow any developer to upload files to their hosting website unless they are android. The owners have immense love for android and want to work on this only.

How Android File Host came into existence?

Android file host was just an idea and it came into the mind of Alex, the founder of androidfile host. When he was busy downloading ROM for his HTC 4G LTE android cell phone; he went through a ton of difficulty of slow internet.  After facing the problem, he decided to go on his own idea of a web hosting service. His motive was simple. He wanted to create a place where all the developers can get upload and all the other users can get free access to download developed files of android cellphones. 

What Android filehost has to offer you all?

As it is mentioned on their website, the android file host provides high-speed services with its multiple high-speed servers which are located all over the world. You can easily download files with a great speed.   Android file host has one unique stuff that makes it different than every other file hosting is it's unlimited storage and unlimited upload and unlimited speed for the user.  It has an awesome community of active members. Developers are regularly uploading new builds and new files for you to try. Today android file host has a total number of 15,153 developers and 307,384 files. Over 3 million users are using it. 

How Android File Host is creating its name in the market: 

From the very start, android file host is trying to give its users a simple & elegant yet a great experience. They have kept their website as user-friendly as they can.  One more thing that keeps them ahead is their hatred towards ads. But as the total website is free for all of its users, the website keeps minimal ads on its UI to keep up the finance of file hosting. Their unlimited speed and unlimited storage have been a great role in it. 

How can you download android hosts file without rooting your system?

To choose this process and to modify your own mobile phone, you need to connect your cellphone with a computer.  Make sure your personal computer has Android Debug Bridge. If your computer does not have this then you need to download it from Google’s developer resource page. 

  • Install Android Debug Bridge and run a command prompt in installation directory.
  • Connect your cellphone to your personal computer. Run the command ADB so that you can check the accessibility of your cellphone on your computer.
  • Download the hosts file from your cellphone to your personal computer by using ADB pull/system/etc/hosts F:/hosts.
  • Now edit it in your notepad.
  • Now, simply navigate to the directory to which you copied the hosts file to, and edit away.
  • Push the file back to your cellphone. ADB push F:\hosts/system/etc/

How to create an account in Android file host and how to get developer account access? 

Android file host is a file hosting site that is dedicated fully to android development. Around 15,153 developers are regularly working at this site and regularly uploading new stuff for its members.  Here is how you can also create an account for yourself on Android File Host. 

  • Go to the official website of android file host:
  • Click on the button ‘sign up to create an account.
  • Now you need to give your full name, user name, and email address.
  • Your user account is now ready for downloading any developed modification for your android cellphone.

Here is how you can change your account into a developer account:

  • First after creating an account, go to the settings.
  • Click on the option of developer access.
  • Request for developer access.
  • You need to give a reason for having developer access.
  • Then press the button ‘Enter’ and your developer access is ready to use.


Android file host is a great website for all those who are tech lovers. Due to the unlimited speed and unlimited storage to a user, Android file host is gradually swapping the market now. It has now become one competition for other file hosting services. As a user only you can find many amazing developed android files for your device. As a developer, you can develop and upload it there so that others can download and use it. Read also: Best Password Manager