5G Reddit 2021: Why people are afraid of 5G launch?

Every now & then one person comes up with a long list of why & why not we should use 5G Reddit. Read this article to know detailed information.

5G Reddit 2021: Why people are afraid of 5G launch?
5G Reddit 2021: Why people are afraid of 5G launch?

Since the announcement of 5G internet, people have been behaving strangely. Many conspiracy theories have been continuously coming up in the social sites and society with proof and facts which people claim to be legit. Every now & then one person comes up with a long list of why & why not we should use 5G. This article is about 5G Reddit. This all started back when in 2019 when it was announced that companies will soon provide a 5G network to their mobile cellphones. These services will do miracle-like work in the sector of communication and Information Technology. We will have very high speed, probably 100 times faster than what we are using right now (as claimed).  Well if you don’t know, let me tell you that every control point of the mobile network creates Electro Magnetic Field (EMF). Though with distance, it becomes very less powerful, probably null.  These centers help in the connection between two wireless devices. Well, it is stated that the frequency of these waves must be limited under the allowed range. If we break this law and use it outside the allowed limits, it will surely do harm to our bodies and mind.

Where it all started?

Like all the previous mobile technologies, 5G also uses Radio Frequency electromagnetic energy. These radiofrequency helps to connect with two devices through bridge base stations.  But the problem arises when it comes to the discussion of wavelength. The greater the wavelength, the lesser would be the distance covered with those waves. With 5G technology, we will need a signal antenna every 100 to 200 meters. This latest technology will have millimeter waves. Never before any technology has used these waves. Whether it is 2G, 3G, or 4G, all these works in micrometer wavelength. With 5G technology, people will be able to handle many new technologies like driverless cars, online medical facilities, virtual reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, etc.

What research says about the EMF experiment on rats?

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) had conducted an experiment where rats, males & females, and mice were subject to high Electro-Magnetic Radiation. The Electro-Magnetic was of 916 MHz.  The scientist did these experiments for weeks on 2 sets of rats each of 10 rats. They kept one set of rats under controlled EMF. During this experiment, rats were exposed to Electro Magnetic Radiations for 9 hours per day with a gap of 10 minutes.  After the experiment scientist found that the rats who were exposed to Electro Magnetic radiations were more likely to errors and uncontrolled behavior. They were easy to anger and they were attacking more often. In addition to this, rats who were exposed to Electro-Magnetic Radiation were developing heart tumors and brain tumorss. A significant increase in norepinephrine was observed in those rats who were the subjects of Electro Magnetic Radiation. It is found that Electro-Magnetic Radiation can also cause significant changes in the frontal cortex, parietal cortex, and hippocampus. Simultaneously it is also observed that there is a great increase in stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline which also affects the blood pressure rates.

Why Reddit is overwhelming with 5G Reddit discussions:

5G Reddit is one of the most discussed topics on Reddit. This is because of the different views of people on the 5G launch. 5G Reddit is full of lots of memes, comments, and people's own points of view on the topic of 5G.  A whole bunch of people believes that the wavelength of 5G technology will cause 5G cancer Reddit. And there is another group who believes that nothing will happen. The reason behind this conflict is the results of the Electro-Magnetic Radiation experiment on rats. While the results clearly show the effects of Electro Magnetic waves (keep in knowledge that these waves were below the guideline limits of many nations.) in form of diseases and mental disturbance, we must notice that these waves were projected to the whole body of the rats and that too for a very long period of time. The effects also did not last for very long.  We, as humans absorb those waves on very local issues. The effect on local tissues is much lesser than the whole body. As no one has held such experiments on human beings, there is no such data on the behavior of humans under Electro Magnetic Radiations. 

Is 5G dangerous Reddit?

After all this long discussion about 5G, the one question which we are still stuck on is that 5g is safe? Well according to in me, there may be some effect after the launch of 5G but people are really exaggerating the side effects of it. We can easily see the side effects of mobile technology on the environment but it is really a slow process. And there are many other ways through which we can counter it.  There are countries that have already started using 5G with some companies like AT & T and Verizon.

How is the experience of 5G Reddit according to Reddit users?

Some of the first-world countries have already started using 5G. 5G users generally share their views on Reddit. It is a disappointment that 5G is not as fast as we expected it to be. It gives almost the same speed as the 4G and sometimes even slower than that. According to Reddit Verizon, 5G Reddit is one of the slowest 5G services in the market.  Well, the reason behind this is the process of establishing the 5G technology. This technology is still in the process and surely it will take many more years to complete. Meanwhile, 5G technology will have to work with 4G technology side by side. 


While the world is waiting for the next revolution in information technology; one question is still haunting everyone. 5g is it safe? The experiments on rats have shown that there are some dangerous side effects of this technology but is this enough? Many scientists are regularly saying that more and more studies are needed on 5g Reddit technology.  On Reddit another social media platform, People are discussing about 5g Reddit. They are attacking and counter-attacking each other’s views on 5G.  Some countries have already started using 5G, I believe that we should wait for the large implementation of this technology. So if you ask me about should I wait for the 5G iPhone; I would say yes. Read also: Outoftheloop