Is It Still Worth Buying a 36 inch TV in 2023?

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Happy new year to all of you. New Year has always been a time of celebration. But as we all know, a new variant of the coronavirus has entered the world. This surely has stopped all of us to celebrate New Year on a grand level. That’s really sad. But here is one way you can decently celebrate your new year. Buying a brand new TV is a great idea for New Year. As you all know, a 36 inch tv at Walmart was once a great choice for your home.

But is it still the case?  In this blog, you will get to know about the details of a 36 TV. You will also know if it is still worth it to buy 36 TVs today.  Stay safe and read the full blog. 

Why they don’t build 36 inch TV anymore?

36-inch TV was a very effective choice if you were living in the past decade. Today finding a 36 TV is as hard as finding a Nokia phone in a youngster’s hands. But why did this happen?  A few very basic reasons were its aspect ratio and cathode ray tubes. As time, the aspect ratio of a screen has also changed.

36 TV used to have a 4:3 ratio. Today the cinematic screen ratio is 16:9. As the television and film industry don’t use a 4:3 aspect ratio, manufacturers also don’t build 36” TV.   Also, manufacturers have stopped using cathode ray tubes to build a television.

Now we have LED and LCD screens and we don’t need a TV made of old cathode ray technology.  Manufacturers can build far better large TVs with better vision, and a better cinematic look. The new generation TVs give better economical results and more tech advancement. 

How a 36 inch TV would be perfect for your home?

A 36 inch TV was once the most preferable TV size for your home. However, time passed and technology has surpassed that phase. But what if I say that you can still take a chance on this electronic instrument? Following are the reason why you can go for a TV of size 36 inches. 

It’s perfect for your room size:

Television is a perfect electronic instrument for your bedroom or living room in your home. Leave the ultra-rich people and let’s talk on common ground. The truth is that a majority of us actually don’t need a much larger TV. A 36 TV fits perfectly in your bedroom.  Being in style does not mean that you must have to buy every fancy stuff out there.

It is what suits you the best. A much larger TV can ruin the whole decorum of your room.  It also has features that allow you to connect your laptop and mobile phone. If you want, you can still go for the large TV like 40” or 52 inches. Later you may want to split it into two different TVs. 

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It gives you a satisfactory vision:

All of us have different eyes. Some of us have blue, some of us have brown and others may have green, and yellowish. Well, the difference in our eye color actually does not change the limits of human vision.  Engineers have developed high-quality televisions today.

Televisions can easily make us wonder. But the visual quality is still a thing to think about. Vibrant colors and details always click the bait. However, in our day-to-day life, we always prefer natural colors. A smart 36 inch TV may not give you gigantic flashy images but it can easily give you an extremely detailed color. 

It has all the modern features:

A 36 smart TV has each feature that you would ever ask for. This TV costs you much lesser than modern gigantic TVs but has the ability to offer everything. A smart TV must have to have all mobile applications, including Google search, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and Hulu. In the 36 TV, you can easily get all these. You just have to pre-install all of these.

You can also have playback units, HDMI input, a seamless home screen, and web shows on your smart TV.  A 36” TV is perfect for youngsters who love to play games online.

Its sharp and vivid photos are very suitable for PC gaming. You just need to connect this TV to your gaming devices and play premium games.  This 36 inches smart TV also has voice-enabling controls. The Roku app makes this possible to use Google Assistant for voice commands. You will also get a headset jacket for your personal use. 

Pros and cons of buying a 36 inch TV:

Buying a 36 inch TV can be a good decision for you. But it still lacks some features that large TV can give you. Here is a list of pros and cons for you. 


  1. It is much more affordable than a much larger TV and most fit for a common man. 
  2. It has very interactive and easy-to-use user interference. 
  3. A 36” TV has a very easy installation process. 
  4. This TV offers great smart features for its users.
  5. It’s durable and superb in design. 
  6. It gives you an ideal setup for playing games. Also, you will enjoy your favorite movies and sports with its excellent color palette. 


  1. This TV has a low consistency in the dark. You can face some problems while using this device at the night. 
  2. With time, you may face some degradation in the device. Majorly the corner points of the TV degrade with time. 

Final Thoughts:

A smart 36 inch TV from Walmart was once the most preferable TV among people. It is no doubt that there are many smart TVs that have great features and better visuals. But a 36” TV can just be perfect for your home. 

Remember that it is not the size nor the features that make it the most suitable but it is an alignment that makes a bond perfect. A 36” TV, due to its smaller size and smart features can give the exact vibes you need with your family.

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