Gaming Laptops with Smooth Experience 144Hz Laptop

Looking for a smoother graphics experience on a laptop? Here is 144hz laptop for gaming. Read on to know more detail about gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptops with Smooth Experience 144Hz Laptop
Gaming Laptops with Smooth Experience 144Hz Laptop

Digital Gaming is now one of the biggest sources of entertainment. Many people are pursuing it as a career also. For the last few decades, the gaming industry is always making achievements and doing wonders. People love it because it gives pleasure to a gamer and sometimes a sense of togetherness and teamwork. Gaming laptops come with a 144Hz laptop for a smoother graphics experience.  It has not been many years when high-class advance virtual gaming devices came into the market. In early 2000, people started to play 3-D games with their favorite superheroes like ‘Spiderman’ or some adventurous games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’.  People are now playing 3-D games that seem too real and are capable of sending anyone to an unknown world. Virtual Reality is a remarkable achievement in this.  Well, you definitely can’t play these high-class games on your regular computer. They simply will not support it. You need a gaming computer. A gaming computer is far different than your normal personal computer or laptop. It is specially designed for gaming; better to say competitive gaming. 

What is a gaming computer 144hz laptop?

A gaming computer or gaming laptop is far different than your normal personal computer or laptop. It is specially designed for gaming; better to say competitive gaming. These computers include high-performance video cards and high core-count central processing units with raw performance.  These or laptops have high RAM, a minimum of 4 GB graphics card for better video experience, a better GTU, and CPU, and for sure an internal system to keep your laptop safe from heat up.  Generally one of the recognizing points for this gaming laptop is its frame rate of 144Hz laptop.  

What is Frame Rate?

Our laptop's screens are made up of tiny squares. In one picture these tiny squares are in thousands. These thousands of tiny squares make the whole picture. Frame rate is basically the ability to change the number of pictures in one second.  The more the frame rate is, the more your laptop screen can change frames in 1 second. In a mainstream laptop, the frame rate is 60 Hz but for a gaming computer, 120Hz laptop, 144Hz laptop screen, and more than these are used. 

How 144Hz laptop enhance your gaming experience?

Gaming is no doubt is a unique experience for all of us. Throughout the invention of video games, people enjoy it and give their time and soul to it. Now technology has become the greatest of itself. We are witnessing kinds of stuff that were impossible for the world. Virtual Gaming is also one of those. This high technology demands a better system to run it properly. Gaming with higher speed, high graphics, and big data needs a system that must support the process of virtual gaming.  Mainstream laptops are 60 Hz laptops. This means their screen can change 60 frames or images per second. These laptops are perfect for watching movies, working on different files, and running an app. But when you come to gaming, a 144Hz laptop is what you need.  Gaming demands fast changes in the screen. These changes are helpful to a gamer to decide their next move. For example, if you are playing a war game and you need to shoot the opponent; you must need their exact location to shoot. But if your laptop does not support the 144Hz laptop qualities then your attacks would go in vain only. The same is with any adventurous game. If you are dodging some attacks or obstacles, you must need high frame rate support laptops with a 144Hz frame rate.  This 144Hz laptop keeps your laptop safe from lagging, tearing, shuttering, and glitches.  

Do we only need a 144Hz gaming laptop for a better gaming experience?

Of course not! You must have to have a system that can support this tech. Your system must have a graphic card of 4 GB minimum and must have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, better if you have more than this.  You also need to have a processor that can send fast pictures to represent the movements of the user. Ideally, a 144Hz laptop needs a processor that can process at least 144 frames per second. If not, your system must have a working speed of 100 frames per second. 144 frames per second speed for a 144Hz laptop screen works perfectly and gives you the aptest gaming experience. 

Comparison between 60 Hz laptops, 120 Hz laptops, 144 Hz laptop and 200 Hz laptop:

60 Hz laptops are perfect for mainstream laptops but when it comes to the gaming field, you need more than that. Playing a high graphics game with a low-performance laptop will lead you to failures again and again.  When asked by people, they could not tell difference between a 60 Hz laptop screen and a 144Hz laptops screen while watching a movie or making some other projects but while gaming they did that.  They said that a screen with higher frequencies allows them to not only have a great experience with no lagging or glitches but also they have dominance over other players. They were easily detecting the movements of other players and it was very easy for them to beat others.  Well, the more frequency your screen has, the more clear pictures you will get. But as for my concern, a system that gives you 100-120 frames per second; a 144Hz gaming laptop screen would be a great choice because the more frame rate your laptop screen has, it will need more powers to consume and to process.

Which companies build up the best gaming laptop?

PC building companies know the opportunities in the gaming field that’s why they are always ready to build up Gaming laptops. Well, no doubt, many fail in this and if you don’t know the right companies, you may choose the wrong one and later regret it.  The most famous companies that build up gaming laptops are as follows:

  • Dell. 
  • Asus
  • Razer blade
  • Alienware

Remember that you must have a budget of $ 800 to $ 1400 for a good gaming laptop. Read also: Is iPhone 8 plus MetroPCS still worth in 2021?